White Paper: Marketing for Businesses with small budgets
Fax Marketing: For Businesses with Small Budgets

So you run a small business.

You are cash conscious and time poor.

How do you quickly and affordably bring new customers to your business?


As much as we'd all love to spend more time working ON rather than IN the business, start up and growth phase often sees marketing pushed to the bottom of the priority list, behind servicing clients and completing paperwork.

Putting together a campaign can be an arduous task, but there is another strategy you may  not have considered - fax marketing.

Fax marketing is one of the broadest reaching, cost effective ways to bring new customers to your business.

It simply involves designing a one page flyer in MicroSoft Word, purchasing a fax marketing list, then using a broadcast program to upload and send to the target audience.

It couldn't be easier!

A typical direct mail piece will cost you around $1.30 per item, for data, printing, folding, inserting and postage. Therefore contacting 10,000 businesses will cost around $13,000, and with a 3% response rate you will need $45 in gross margin from each sale just to cover the cost of acquisition. If your responses are lower than the margin, per sale gets even higher!

So how does a fax campaign change things?

With fax broadcasting you do not bear the cost of printing, postage, phone calls or graphic designers. The campaign will typically cost around 10 - 15 cents per fax, so your campaign costs are only $1,000 - $1,500 (saving you up to $12,000 off a direct mail outlay).

What's the catch?

The response rates to fax marketing are lower than direct mail.  A forecast of around 0.5% is conservative, meaning you will generate around 50 responses from your campaign.

You will only need to recover $20 per sale to break even for your marketing costs, which makes a very big difference to your profits.

So where do you purchase fax numbers from?

Mailing Lists Online offers fax marketing lists from $29.95.

You receive all the contact details - Business Name, Address, Phone AND Fax Numbers, and get unlimited re-use of the data.  You can buy the data now from Mailing Lists Australia and download immediately.

How do I broadcast my faxes?

I use a company based in Canada called Protus (www.protus.com) who was able to supply broadcasting at US$0.06 per fax, by far the cheapest I've found!

It's also a great site, as you simply upload your pdf or Word Document and away you go!

In addition, you are also able to personalise your broadcast to include company name, suburb or any other fields from your database.

Remember personalisation increases response rates!

(NB:  Make sure you check the format your data is required to be in for uploading, as often it requires international formatting)
There are many components of a fax campaign you need to be aware of to ensure you maximise your response rates. It is as just as easy to get zero responses, so we've put together a fax marketing checklist to get you on your way…


Sample data - click here:

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