Direct Marketing Resources

Build a Database For Sales Leads Over the past 15 years, business to business or B2B marketing has gone from being handled by door-to-door traveling sales personnel to the refinements of direct lines of communication. With the Direct Marketing Association reporting third quarter 2010 sales of $6.1 billion, an all-time high, the evolution of B2B marketing seems completely revolutionised.

Today’s technology makes B2B marketing more effective than at any other time. Marketing departments with strategically constructed databases give every marketing initiative targeted prospects who are likely to respond to your direct mail, telemarketing or direct e-mail marketing.

For Australian B2B direct mail lists, e-mail or telemarketing lists that can be rented or purchased from have proven to launch many successful marketing campaigns. When merged with the company’s existing customer database, the marketing department has a powerful list of targets with new reach and broader coverage.
Honesty Will Always Prevail Marketing has been around since the day people started trading. It has gone through many variations using many different tools, angles, tactics and strategies. As the options increased for consumers and competition intensified in the 80's and 90's we saw marketers get smarter. One could even say we saw many marketers get dodgier. We saw a new era of "spin" and a new science developing in the area of "perception manipulation".

The more intense the competition, the greater the need for marketers to evolve their strategies and cut through the clutter. Call it survival of the fittest if you like. This has escalated considerably to the point where: spin, misrepresentation and even deception is reaching a point of critical mass in marketing. This means that many of the tactics of the 80's and 90's are no longer having the same impact they used to. Consumers are becoming more discerning, suspicious and cautious then ever.

My experience of recent is all pointing to what is becoming a new era in marketing, and I would go as far as saying a new era in human consciousness. This is an era of honesty, authenticity and TRUTH.
Finding The Right List Broker Finding the correct broker will have more than just a positive impact on your mailing list. An established relationship along with quality service and outstanding proficiency will have a profound impact on your return on investment. List brokers must meet a number of qualifications to make certain they are a good fit for your company.

How Well the List Broker Understands Your Business

In order for a list broker to best serve you, this individual needs to be familiar with your business and its mission. Having this understanding will make certain that subscribers can be targeted in the best way possible in order to drive the most traffic and increase sales.
Convert More Prospects And You WILL Have More Customers One of the most common and immediate sources of revenue for your business is in converting more prospects into buyers. If you are only converting 1 in every 10 prospects, 9 prospects are giving their money to someone else. Realistically, a portion, say 30%, of these prospects have no intention of buying from you no matter what you do. So let's assume you already convert 10% of prospects and 30% will never buy anyway. This means that you have an opportunity to obtain 60% more customers with no advertising or extra marketing initiatives!

So How Do You Convert This Extra 60%?

There are several ways to increase your conversion rates, but in this article I'm going to discuss one approach that comes down to a very simple philosophy. It's all in the long-term view!