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Questions to Ask Your Direct Marketing Consultant With staffing trimmed for efficiency, the prevalence of outsourcing into today’s economy is changing the way companies transact business. The advantages of outsourcing in the competitive environment generally include the delivery of a high quality product at a very fair and reasonable price.

This is definitely the case with the ever expanding direct marketing products. The industry has grown for several reasons. Prices are competitive, return on investment is high and the mechanisms of delivery are more attuned to today’s high tech consumer.

If you are considering direct market, congratulations! You can increase your brand in any number of 21st century manners using technologically filtered data bases to deliver a poignant, targeted call to action.
How You Can Identify And Profit From The Untapped Growth Opportunities Surrounding Your Business Opportunities for growth are everywhere. They are there for us in abundance. They surround us continually, often sitting right under our nose itching to be tapped into. However, in every business, in every moment, we let countless revenue growth opportunities slip through our fingers. Ironically, it is these opportunities that can generate cheaper, quicker and easier revenue growth than those strategies we stick to, time after time, whether they’re successful or not.

So how and why do we let these opportunities slip through our fingers? The answer is simple. Many opportunities are lost because as human beings we tend to live by a philosophy of “the grass is always greener”. This philosophy has us focus outside of our business to other pastures which are believed to possess far superior and enriching opportunities. Interestingly though, some of our most powerful and accessible opportunities for growth are sitting right under our noses, in our own backyard.

In 1960 a small book was written to help people find greater happiness in their lives. This book, written by Russell H Conwell, is called Acres of Diamonds, and although it mentions nothing about marketing or business, it definitely contains a very powerful message to all marketers and business people around the world. The book tells a story of an ancient Persian man named Ali Hafed. Ali owned a large farm with many orchards. He had a wonderful family, and was a very wealthy and contented man.
How To Get 5 Times Return On Investment In Every Marketing Campaign It is essential that prior to investing in any marketing activity you are perfectly clear on what Return On Investment (ROI) you should be expecting. Knowing this vital piece of information will govern precisely what activities you engage in and which you don't. Based on our experience we always aim for a five times ROI. This means for every dollar invested in time and money you want at least $5 in revenue back. We have chosen a five times multiple simply because it is the minimum of what great marketing campaigns yield. Now if a campaign can't generate this type of ROI, find one that will!

One of the most important factors in creating a high ROI is great campaign execution!

To help you with this I have detailed an 8 Point Checklist to help with your campaign implementation, as follows:
Benefits of Your B2B Database In the minds of marketing directors, there is nothing quite so exhilarating as the broad-based capabilities of a sound B2B database. What a starting point for the company’s next marketing campaign!

In fact, a properly structured, secure and accessible database can help virtually every aspect of the business operation. The advantages of a sound B2B database transcend every department and give the company a certain harmony and unity of purpose.

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