Direct Marketing Resources

Direct Marketing to Build Your Brand Schools and churches use principles of direct marketing to get their messages out. A high percentage of recipients read this information. That’s because they are engaged and because the source of the mailing is known to them. That, my friends, is a distinct advantages of direct marketing.

When grocery stores send out their flyers, the viewership knows what to expect and they are familiar with the provider so they save it or read it. What more could you ask for? Similarly, if your business sent a flyer, postcard, e-mail or even called an existing client, that client would read the printed word and probably return the call.

A well designed piece of direct marketing increases your brand awareness and has the double edged effect of delivering a compelling message. Every parcel of direct marketing is expanding your brand and your reach to carefully filtered prospects that meet the demographics of your customer.
Statistical Trends Make Sense for Direct Marketing Direct marketing works. Direct marketing yields results and direct marketing will increase your bottom line. Professional direct marketing consultants know how to make your campaign successful and bring new and existing customers to your place of business.

Do you seek targeted prospects? What are you waiting for? The most pointed means to reach a specific clientele, either new prospects or existing, is through a structured direct marketing campaign. Statistical analysis and research fully supports this claim.

This recent research indicates some interesting trends that are altering the direct marketing landscape, while the basics stay in place. Strategic direct marketing supplements every marketing plan and adds volume to your customer base and add bulk to that all important direct sales category.
The Copywriting Process Firstly, consider different aspects of your product or product range you could promote.

For an accounting practice, it may be tax returns, company start ups or BAS statements.

Take a different worksheet for each of the top three aspects you are considering.
How do you use networking to market your business Networking is easily one of the most underutilized yet most effective forms of marketing available. Because people do business with people, not businesses, networking represents the greatest weapon in your arsenal. Here are some tips to help you be a successful networker:

Match your networking functions to your target audience, i.e. go fishing where the fish swim!

Write and learn your elevator speech. This is a short 30 second spiel that tells your prospect everything they need to know about you to inspire them into wanting to know more! Included is your point of difference (Unique Selling Proposition - USP), the benefits your business delivers to its customers, and a credibility booster such as mentioning some recent successes with your clients.