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Why Build a Fax Marketing List The fax machine was once an essential communication tool for the office, but so much of its use has now been repurposed by newer technologies, however the fax machine can be the most powerful way to communicate your message. The fax machine has unique features not offered by any other communication method. Where emails can go straight into spam, and mail left unopened and tossed straight into the bin, the fax has the edge over ensuring your message is seen.

Where fax exceeds mail, email or phone

If you have a simple visual message, there is no other communication medium like fax. The fax will be picked up and handled by a real person. And if your message is well designed, it will be read and understood by someone in just a few seconds. It's not intrusive, expensive to implement or screened like a phone call. It's not diverted to junk and never seen the light of day like email. If you have the right message, it could be perfect for a fax marketing campaign, but next you need the right kind of fax marketing list.
9 Advantages of Direct Mail Today’s marketing directors have many weapons at their disposal. The selection of the proper weapons is often the component that determines the success of the marketing plan. Even in these difficult economic times, we know there are customers out there. The challenge is to bring them together with your products and services.

Effective marketing plans attract consumers to your product where it is up to the sales staff to complete the transaction. Direct marketing works. Even with today’s technology and new forms of direct marketing, direct mail is still the most compelling form of advertising.

Here are nine reasons why marketing plans should include direct mail.
Top 5 Elements For Your Mailing List Campaign A mailing list campaign could be the most effective campaign your company runs this year. Then again, it could be a total flop. It all comes down to how well you plan and execute. The team at have seen it all and we know the essential components to get right to make a killer campaign.

1. Targetting

A campaign can't start without your leads list. Get this from a reputable company, like Mailing Lists Online (shameless plug!). Target the exact group of companies you need in the right geographic area.
Add This To Your Marketing Arsenal - The Power To Influence And Persuade In the last 100 years marketing has gone from a very simple notion of filling customers’ needs, to a battlefield requiring a complex and sophisticated arsenal. Now, as competition continues to intensify and organisations make extreme demands on their people, a marketer needs more skills than ever before. A skill which is becoming increasingly vital for marketers is the ability to influence and persuade.

This is essentially the skill and ability to have someone act the way you want them to. In a marketing context it may be to get them to make a purchase, recommend a friend or hand over their contact details. Whilst influence and persuasion can and is used to con unsuspecting consumers, it can also be used for good and become a marketer’s most powerful ally in getting a specific message heard.

Influence and persuasion offer several powerful tools for radically improving the effectiveness of your communications and sales people. However, very few marketers have actually been trained in the art. As such I have written this article to dip your toes into this world, and examine one particular influence and persuasion tool known as social proof.