Direct Marketing Resources

How to Create a Quality Email Marketing List In the current world characterised by fast growing information technologies, email marketing is one of the newer promotional tools used by companies. Promotional emails have a good chance to be opened and read, since we use email constantly. Email can thus be effective to win new customers and to grow and capitalise on your relationships with existing customers.

But how does a company ensure that their mailing list is actually effective and of high-quality? Emails reach us everywhere and at any time, and they only take a few seconds to scan and be junked if it is of no interest of the reader. This makes an email marketing list highly relevant, but also dangerous if not targeted correctly.

Emails should be visually appealing and reflect your brand identity, as well as encourage customers to visit your site or purchase again in the future. They will have to remind people about your company through a mix of content: direct promotional material and general news-type pieces. Emails can easily convert marketing to sale, one click on a link to your online ordering service can make a huge difference.
Building a B2B Database Maybe you're just setting up your business and need to generate a database of new business contacts, fast, or maybe your business has been going a while but your contacts list is out-of-date and incomplete. Whatever your situation, it's hard to underestimate the importance of a good B2B database.

With an accurate and regularly updated list of business contacts you can ensure you give your customers the best possible service, and with extensive company contact details and business profiles you can craft targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Using Telemarketing For Business Growth Telemarketing, despite having earned itself something of a bad reputation with its cold calling and automated messages, can be a useful way to market your business. As part of a properly planned marketing campaign, and conducted with consideration for the customer, it can be a remarkably cost-effective way to grow your business.

Telemarketing can be useful to all kinds of different companies - charities, alumni organisations and political parties soliciting donations; businesses making sales; market research companies gathering information.

Some degree of telemarketing is often unavoidable as customers ring to make enquiries and a company's products, services and special offers are explained to them. But the phone can be used more proactively. It can be used to generate new leads. 'Cold calling' doesn't have to be just ringing a new prospect to introduce your products, although this can generate interest if done well. It can also mean identifying the best contact person in an organisation, gathering information about individuals' or businesses' needs, making appointments, and inviting people to events.
Creating Persuasive Compelling Results - Generating Sales Letters A cost-effective and incredibly powerful way to generate new clients is through Direct Marketing. When performed properly, it creates a sales force of thousands. And for small businesses without the resources to hire a sales team, this can be ideal.

The great thing about direct marketing is that it can be used for many business-building activities, including lead generation, reviving inactive or lost customers, increasing customer loyalty and retention and even "warming" a prospect prior to receiving your sales call.

A packaging company I know of reclaimed 40% of their old, inactive clients through direct marketing. An insurance salesman created a seven-figure income from phone, email and mail direct marketing! I've seen people in Network Marketing use direct marketing to grow a business of over 5000 members.