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3 Ways to Fund Your Marketing Without Needing Your Cheque Book ChildsPlay Marketing is smart marketing, entrepreneurial marketing. It is about being resourceful, innovative, and very creative in order to achieve your objectives.

It's about working together for mutual benefit. All the ChildsPlay Marketing tactics and strategies we share with you are founded on this principle: "When You Help Others Get What They Want, You Will Get What You Want!"

In this Tip I will give you 3 powerful ways to fund expensive marketing activities; ways that are usually reserved for big budget players. These are all tactics that we use, have used for years, and tactics that continue to be used by some of the best entrepreneurs around the world.
The Power of Specificity Would you like your marketing communications to be far more believable, convey more credibility, have far more impact and thus generate far greater results? If YES, then read this edition of your Free Shoestring Marketing Tips.

This article applies equally to your written marketing communications (headlines, brochures, USPs, website, advertisements etc) as much as it does to your verbal marketing communication (sales pitches, hold messages, voicemail, networking elevator speeches etc).

Marketing communications often fail to deliver the results you want because the points being made are far too general. General claims have minimal impact, and are easily dismissed.
How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Print Advertising You would rarely hear me talk about advertising, as I consider it one of the most expensive forms of marketing available. However, I've decided to talk about advertising in this Tip as I know many of you use it, and I feel a certain protective obligation to those of you who are not getting the results you want from your ads. So to help you get advertising working better for you, I'm devoting this Tip to giving you the following five pearls of advertising wisdom.

1. It's All Sales

To create powerful result-generating ads you need to understand that advertising is not about being witty, or being able to write the least amount of words on one page. Effective advertising is salesmanship - nothing more and nothing less. It is about taking your most effective sales pitch and putting it down in writing. You need to ask yourself "what would you say if I were face to face with the prospect and wanting to sell your product?" Would you use witty slogans? Would you confine yourself to being very brief and saying as little as possible? Or would you give your prospect all the information they need to make an informed decision? Remember Ads are sales pitches in writing!
Telemarketing Telemarketing, despite having earned itself something of a bad reputation with its cold calling and automated messages, can be a useful way to market your business. As part of a properly planned marketing campaign, and conducted with consideration for the customer, it can be a remarkably cost-effective way to grow your business.

Telemarketing can be useful to all kinds of different companies - charities, alumni organisations and political parties soliciting donations; businesses making sales; market research companies gathering information.

Some degree of telemarketing is often unavoidable as customers ring to make enquiries and a company's products, services and special offers are explained to them. But the phone can be used more proactively. It can be used to generate new leads. 'Cold calling' doesn't have to be just ringing a new prospect to introduce your products, although this can generate interest if done well. It can also mean identifying the best contact person in an organisation, gathering information about individuals' or businesses' needs, making appointments, and inviting people to events.