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Top 5 Elements For Your Mailing List Campaign A mailing list campaign could be the most effective campaign your company runs this year. Then again, it could be a total flop. It all comes down to how well you plan and execute. The team at have seen it all and we know the essential components to get right to make a killer campaign.

1. Targetting

A campaign can't start without your leads list. Get this from a reputable company, like Mailing Lists Online (shameless plug!). Target the exact group of companies you need in the right geographic area.
What is a Direct Marketing List Regardless if you operate in a B2B environment, or in B2C, a direct marketing list is one of the most effective ways to reach your target consumer. The best lists are built by the marketing strategist in your company. Interactive direct marketing lists allows the strategist to define who should be on the list. Common variables include industry type, location, (country right down to suburb) and company size. Once the target has been defined, the strategist can choose to receive phone or fax numbers, email addresses or mailing addresses.

There’s so much flexibility in a direct marketing list, which means with a well-designed campaign you can know exactly how effective your marketing campaign has been. You may even be able to determine your exact return on investment, something very uncommon for a marketing specialist to have access to!

The campaign is all important to extracting maximum value out of your marketing list. Do you want to entice trial from new customers? The provide an undeniable offer. Do you want to create mass awareness of your new product? Whatever your angle, your marketing list can be customised to suit your needs.
Questions For Your Customers There are many strategies I could share to start you off on the right foot. But the one I've chosen is simple and yet often neglected. It contains all the answers to making your marketing as powerful and effective as possible.

In my workshops I often make the point that the definition of marketing is "creating and delivering products and / or services to meet the needs of your customers". The point is that the focus of all marketing isn't your needs but the needs of your customers. Therefore if you want to know how to best market your business, ask your existing customers. They have all the answers! You can guess and speculate till you are blue in the face, or you can come back to the fundamentals of marketing and talk to your customers. Let's look at 6 questions to ask your clients:

6 Client Questions:
How to Build Your Own Fax Marketing List Fax marketing has a vital role to play in your marketing mix, but it can be hard to start off with a decent list alone. That’s why so many business trust Mailing Lists Online to provide a clean and recent list of fax numbers from business who want to receive your information.

It's good business practice to build your own fax marketing list over time. It’s a great idea to add new contacts to your business database you get new business and leads Then you can add your own fax numbers to our lists, creating a powerful marketing tool.

Of course many business just don’t get the time to track these records and add them to lists, so get a head start with our fax marketing lists. Once you buy a list from us its yours to manage and build on for the future, so protect your initial investment with a bit of regular updating.