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Why Use Telemarketing Lists Where fax and email do a great job of getting your message out there, they miss the critical part of feedback. This is why telemarketing still remains insanely popular when it comes to chasing business. There's nothing like getting spur of the moment and unrehearsed feedback about your special offer.

Why Use

Telemarketing is one of the more expensive ways to reach out to customers. Not so much the investment in the list itself, but for the investment in time of having a sales rep tied up on the phone with just one customer. So if you're going to commit to driving new customers like never before, you want to be sure you're working from the best possible list, like the ones we supply.
Convert More Prospects And You WILL Have More Customers One of the most common and immediate sources of revenue for your business is in converting more prospects into buyers. If you are only converting 1 in every 10 prospects, 9 prospects are giving their money to someone else. Realistically, a portion, say 30%, of these prospects have no intention of buying from you no matter what you do. So let's assume you already convert 10% of prospects and 30% will never buy anyway. This means that you have an opportunity to obtain 60% more customers with no advertising or extra marketing initiatives!

So How Do You Convert This Extra 60%?

There are several ways to increase your conversion rates, but in this article I'm going to discuss one approach that comes down to a very simple philosophy. It's all in the long-term view!
Building a Better Telemarketing Campaign When you are trying to build the perfect telemarketing list it can seem impossible. People have become even savvier when it comes to avoiding unwanted calls and it might seem like telemarketing is entirely ineffective. The truth is, there are still many ways to get people’s attention on the phone and ways to encourage participation. By working with companies like you can get a comprehensive list of great phone numbers that are specific to your business model. This helps you increase your sales and your success rate all at the same time.

Have a Great Script

Your people will be hung up incredibly quickly if you don’t have a great script. That doesn’t mean just an excellent opening line but rather a way for them to keep the person on the phone once they clearly say they are not interested. There has to be a question for them to ask that will engage the listener and make it appear to be a good idea to stay on the phone. Part of getting your call log from a company like is that it has been proven. These people have responded to great scripts in the past which means you have a good chance.
Marketing Lists Marketing lists are at the core of every marketing strategy. Every business has an internal marketing list. In fact, that marketing list is an invaluable asset. Examining your marketing list tells owners a lot about their enterprise, their direction and their products and services.

Putting that marketing list to work in order to gain more and new clients is a surefire way to keep cultivating your business. Whether you intend to launch a telemarketing campaign, a direct mail campaign or an e-mail marketing campaign, always include your current, internal marketing list as part of that campaign.

People and businesses that have used your products or services in the past want to know what your company is doing. Excluding them from marketing offers is a big mistake that must be avoided. Not only will these customers appreciate being in the know, but also they are your best source for new referrals.