3 Ways to Fund Your Marketing Without Needing Your Cheque Book

3 Ways to Fund Your Marketing Without Needing Your Cheque Book
3 Ways to Fund Your Marketing Without Needing Your Cheque Book ChildsPlay Marketing is smart marketing, entrepreneurial marketing. It is about being resourceful, innovative, and very creative in order to achieve your objectives.

It's about working together for mutual benefit. All the ChildsPlay Marketing tactics and strategies we share with you are founded on this principle: "When You Help Others Get What They Want, You Will Get What You Want!"

In this Tip I will give you 3 powerful ways to fund expensive marketing activities; ways that are usually reserved for big budget players. These are all tactics that we use, have used for years, and tactics that continue to be used by some of the best entrepreneurs around the world.

Go to Your Suppliers

Your suppliers have a vested interest in your success? The more customers you get the more business they get from you. You have many different suppliers - from printers, stationers, furniture, electrical, computing stores, raw materials uppliers, et. etc. In many situations your suppliers will support your marketing efforts either by providing funds, venues, equipment, staff, discounted offerings, contacts or even referrals. I worked with a multimedia company once who produced the content on CD ROMs. We had no marketing budget, and it occurred to me that when we make a CD we needed to outsource the duplication of it to our supplier. The more customers we got the more CDs we had duplicated, so the more business they got. So, I contacted them, pitched them the idea of supporting us, and they agreed to fund our advertising campaign. How can you work with your suppliers?

Pooling of Funds

Many hands make light work! Another great way to fund your marketing is to bring together a group of businesses and pool your funds. Think of other complementary businesses who are targeting the same market as yours. For example: Accountants can partner with financial planners and lawyers etc. How can you work together to fund a campaign? Can you jointly run an event or attend a tradeshow which would be prohibitive to you as an individual? Can you all go into a direct mail strategy (mail sharing) to spread the cost of the campaign? Can some of you band together to pay for advertising and then share the customers? Who can you partner with to get strength in numbers?

Contra Deal

For many of us in business the most accessible and affordable currency is the products or services we offer. When paying for marketing, be it graphic design, direct mail, advertising, telemarketing etc, you would be surprised how many businesses would take your services of products as payment or part payment for their offerings. When I was 22, I purchased $35,000 worth of radio advertising without spending one cent just through a contra deal. Think about all the assets you have to barter with. You have your products and services and you also have your customers, intellectual property, contacts, physical premises, staff, etc. Do be mindful to check the taxation laws in your area regarding such transactions.

Are you using your cheapest currency to your advantage?

In the world of ChildsPlay Marketing anything is possible. Just because you have a limited marketing budget does not mean your marketing is limited!

Author: Daniel Rechnitzer, founder of ChildsPlay Marketing - Simple Ways To Succeed in Business. See www.ChildsPlayMarketing.com