7 Steps to a Responsive Marketing List

7 Steps to a Responsive Marketing List
7 Steps to a Responsive Marketing List

Define your targeted customers

Know who your targeted customers are before they know you. Create a profile of the ideal candidate for your products, services or information. Consider gender, age, income range, profession, job title, company, industry and interests. Direct all marketing efforts to this targeted customer.

Internal or External List

Now that your customer’s profile is established, you must decide whether to use your internal customer list or an external list from an outside provider. If you elect to use an outside provider, you will next decide whether to buy or rent a list. Lists that are rented may only be used once. There are no guarantees about the quality of the profiles on the provided list. Building your own internal mailing list will generate the most responses and may well result in new referrals.

Create a Newsletter

Construct a newsletter that will appeal to your profiled customer. Newsletters that are entertaining, contain useful information and are not solely focused on your products or services will create a readership. This type e-newsletter is more likely to garner a following than newsletters that promote your products and services too aggressively. As with any marketing tool, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Create A Mailing List

Add a "Sign Up for My E-Newsletter" - or "Join My Email List" sign-up box on your company's website. The purpose is to collect e-mails addresses of readers. This is the core of your marketing list. Even if you are generating traffic, you may not be capturing the all-important e-mail addresses of your readers. Encouraging readers to sign-up for the newsletter is your chance to add to your customer list. Visitors to your site are likely interested in your products, services or information, and apt to sign up to receive more information.

Get existing customers and contacts involved

Ask your contacts and customers for their email addresses and permission to send them your newsletter and other business communications. If you have a physical place of business, put a sign-up book at the register counter. Your current customers are your best marketing targets and sources. If they have purchased from you before, they are likely to be buyers again.

Offer incentives for signing up

Your free e-newsletter is an incentive, but you can also offer free white papers or a myriad of services. Many businesses offer customers referral bonuses. If customers like your products and services, they are likely to tell their friends. Reward them and form a stronger link.

Ask your professional or trade association for their member list

If you belong to an association, gaining access to the member list is often one of your membership benefits. When you attend conferences and trade shows, be aggressive about expanding your contact list. While you are networking, ask fellow attendees if they can be added to your list.

Follow these seven steps and watch your list and sales grow.