7 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Direct Mail Title

7 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Direct Mail Title
7 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Direct Mail Title When you look at the title above, what grabs you attention? Most likely it is the number seven leading the title. Creating an eye-catching, attention-riveting title may well determine the effectiveness of your direct mailing.

Remember where your eyes gravitated and use numbers to lead the reader through the title.

Creating the perfect title is not difficult. Begin by choosing a specific goal or benefit to the reader. Match the benefit to your targeted audience and explain how to achieve the benefit in a speciifc number of steps.

Titles with numbers suggest resolution. They also suggest scannability. We know readers like fast, easy-to-understand answers. Below is a stratgey to create compelling titles for your direct mail.

  1. Write numbers as numbers – Numercial forms catch the eye. 5 is more distinctive than five.

  2. Odd numbers are better – Odd numbers suggest authenticity and accuracy. Even numbers appear to be rounded. That is why pricing appears as $9.99 or $24.99 rather than $10.00 or $25.00. This is why porducts work 99% of the time rather than 100% of the time. Use odd numbers.

  3. Write clearly – Be concise and specific. You have one chance to grab their attention. You also have one chance to encourage them to read on. Get to the point and get there fast. If they must read the title twice to get to the point, you have lost them.

  4. Be strong – Use strong, action words. Avoid a passive tone. Create emotion and compelling images. Get to the point.

  5. Crank up the benefits – Provide the reader with motivation and incentive. “7 Ways to Decrease Debt” is not as effective as “7 Ways to Eliminate Debt.” "Decrease" is vague. "Eliminate" is definitive and final.

  6. Deliver on your promise – If your title says your direct mailing will do something, make sure you do it. “21 Steps to Eliminate Debt” must provide 21 steps, not 20 or 22. Do what you say or the reader will think your mailing lacks credibility.

  7. Follow a formula – Use a formula to help develop your direct mail titles.

Sample formula:

  • Audience – Specifically identify your target

  • Product – Identify the product

  • Number of parts – Arrive at the number

  • Benefit – State the benefit

  • Title – Point the title to the audience by way of the product.
Allow the formula to build the title. Create a dozen titles, think about them before selecting the best four. Ask co-workers which of the four titles is most compelling and why. Then, finalize your choice.