9 Advantages of Direct Mail

9 Advantages of Direct Mail
9 Advantages of Direct Mail Today’s marketing directors have many weapons at their disposal. The selection of the proper weapons is often the component that determines the success of the marketing plan. Even in these difficult economic times, we know there are customers out there. The challenge is to bring them together with your products and services.

Effective marketing plans attract consumers to your product where it is up to the sales staff to complete the transaction. Direct marketing works. Even with today’s technology and new forms of direct marketing, direct mail is still the most compelling form of advertising.

Here are nine reasons why marketing plans should include direct mail.

  • Reach a targeted recipient. By working with an experienced direct mail consultant, you can provide the demographics of consumers that are attracted to your product. The consultant will provide lists of the precise consumers who match those demographics. You are assured your direct mail offering will reach these new consumers.

  • Responsible accountability. The direct mail consultant will help you develop a tracking system that will enable you to follow the responses all the way through the sales chain. With this information, you can not only measure the success of the offering but you can also check how new and existing consumers are treated by your staff.

  • Direct mail is real. Consumers read e-mails and engage in social networking but people still like to read real books and other real correspondence. Direct mail is something real that can be read and stored or used in the present or in the future.

  • The personal approach. With today’s technology, getting up close and personal is easier than ever. With highly developed data bases, personalizing direct mail is more than just entering the individual’s name and address. Today, consultants personalise the content as well as the letter or brochure so that when the piece arrives it gets noticed.

  • Follow the numbers. Surveys show that 70% of direct mail pieces are opened, read or turned over to someone else. The flexibility provided by a real piece of direct mail makes it appealing to the consumer.

  • Direct mail can be integrated. Marketing plans that deliver a consistent message through several channels are sure to succeed. Direct mail can lead the way or can be used to supplement another median.

  • Let your creativity shine through. Work with your consultant to build a multi-dimensional, creative way to build an eye-catching piece. Mail allows you to meld colors and shapes into a creative brochure or letter that will last in the consumer’s home or office for long periods of time.

  • Build your brand. Direct mail pieces do more than draw consumers to your products. Creative direct mail puts your products and services in front of consumers. Even if consumers do not respond immediately, you gain recognition that builds your brand.

  • Set your budget. By working with a full-service, qualified direct mail consultant, you will be able to know every cost associated with your project. The consultant can save you time and money by designing a direct mail campaign that fits your budget.

Use a full service direct mail consultant to make sure there are no surprises with your promotion and that the design accomplishes the long-lasting brand development that will set a strong foundation for your future endeavors