Affordable Marketing with Direct Mail

Affordable Marketing with Direct Mail
Affordable Marketing with Direct Mail Have you noticed that radio and television commercials are lowering their time requirements? No longer are there 30 or 60 second restrictions. Nowadays, television and radio ads are selling ten and twenty second bites. Of course, the reason is that business has discovered the staying power of direct mail and this fact is pressuring other forms of advertising.

At one time, consumers may have thought direct mail was invasive. What they have learned is that direct mail is not only well received but it is kept posted on the fridge or a cork board to be used sometime in the future. With radio and television, your twenty seconds of fame can end in a hurry and as the business rarely has a choice of when the ads might run, who knows how many people are actually viewing at that time?

With a direct mail campaign, the business is assured that every piece will be delivered and it will be handled. Those are two positive things. If it is graphically appealing with a strong offer, the piece will be read. If the message is compelling, that piece of direct mail will bring consumers through the doors.

Full-service direct marketing is one outsourcing job that will demand very little of the company’s time and will yield big, traceable results. Each campaign consists of five components.

  • Data & Lists – To be effective, the company needs to set demographic standards for consumers who are likely to have interest in the offer. The mailing should also include the company’s existing database.

  • Creative Mail Options – Depending upon the product or service, there are several choices to make. Flyers, brochures, postcards, letters and pamphlets can all be designed for the mailing.

  • Printing – The direct mail expert will know what style printing best suits your mailing, your image and your budget.

  • Postage & Delivery – These elements can be handled by the direct mail specialist and should be timed so that the company’s staff is aware of all special offers and how management wants these new consumers treated. All submitted offers should be saved so that tangible results can be recognized.

  • Response and Fulfillment – The company will want to be certain that inventories of discounted offers are well stocked. Employees should e trained to build the company’s expanding book of business, which is a valuable asset of the business.

To grow your business and maintain your existing base, spread the word. If you plant the seed, your business will grow.