Ask your business supplier these 5 questions

Ask your business supplier these 5 questions
Ask your business supplier these 5 questions Email and online marketing are considered as a difficult marketplace with low return on investment. However, a list supplier can assist you in obtaining business lists that are tailored to your customer base and the kind of services these customers might need. A list broker can open up a whole new market to your company, and you can build your business database in a way that makes sense to your company. But before hiring a list broker, you might want to ask him these five simple questions.

1. What is the capacity of the list?

If designing a program for Australian businesses, look for a database with at least 1 million businesses. It is essential that the business supplier has an extensive database. In this sense, the business list will be more likely to actually be able to target your target customer base.

2. Is there a possibility to filter your online database by a number of options?

You want to be specific in choosing the business list which you need. Therefore, it is important to investigate how you can reach your target audience. What kind of variables does the list broker use, for instance, industries, sub industries, geographical area and list types (email, phone, fax, postal)? Narrowing down the overall mailing list will increase your response percentage, and help you actually reaching your customer base.

3. Is the database updated every 6 months?

Business to business direct e-mail, mail, telephone and fax marketing is a viable marketing choice. The object of this campaign is to attract new customers to brick and mortar or online businesses or both. Like any new offering, the direct piece relies upon current information and a compelling offer.

4. Does the list supplier offer any sweeteners?

Some list brokers will offer some sweeteners like free setup, customisation, unlimited use of data for 12 months, free delivery and free selection process. It are these aspects of a database that make it worth your money.

5. Does the provider offer free contact counts?

In this way, the pricing of your business database will be accountable, which is highly desirable.

It is essential that you are able to target your customers in an effective and targeted way. For example, you can work with a service that is well-liked by customers, such as www.Mailing Start the process by choosing the mailing lists from select industries then you would choose which area of Australia you are trying to reach and then you choose a list of phone numbers or e-mails. The company's website also has articles that help you succeed with mailing lists.