Benefits of Your B2B Database

Benefits of Your B2B Database
Benefits of Your B2B Database In the minds of marketing directors, there is nothing quite so exhilarating as the broad-based capabilities of a sound B2B database. What a starting point for the company’s next marketing campaign!

In fact, a properly structured, secure and accessible database can help virtually every aspect of the business operation. The advantages of a sound B2B database transcend every department and give the company a certain harmony and unity of purpose.

Organized External Distribution

Whether the company is launching a telemarketing, direct mail or e-mail campaign or distributing a company newsletter or special product information, there is no more effective or inexpensive way to distribute materials than with your B2B database. Develop demographic mailing lists and marketing lists and track results of all distributed material.

Improve Customer Service

A B2B database allows the business immediate access to customer files, contact information and customer history. Businesses can now handle inquiries more accurately and more efficiently. By daily updating, the customer relations department assists all other departments by providing current contact info, up-to-speed demographic material, transactions histories and product preferences. Soon the B2B database allows customer relations, accounting and marketing department to know more about the customer than ever imagined.

Eliminates Shipping Errors

By using the B2B database to print shipping labels, businesses have almost entirely eliminated the shipping errors. Never has the shipping process been so transparent and seamless. Whether your business is a brick and mortar operation or an online ordering platform, the B2B database can make the ordering and shipping work like a charm.

Focused Sales

Using the very mailing, e-mail and telemarketing lists that the Marketing Department used to generate their recent advertising launch, the sales staff is provided so much more information than ever before. In fact, many organisations link their B2B databases to incoming calls so that the sales staff or customer service departments know who is calling when the lines light up.

It is a documented fact of business that customers like to know with whom they are dealing. The also like to be acknowledged as a repeat customer. Marketing departments encourage other departments to help in tracking results of various campaigns by noting responses to advertising efforts in the customer’s database file.

Direct Marketing Campaigns

In the third quarter of 2010, the Direct Marketing Association reported the most direct marketing activity in history. More than $6.1 billion in direct marketing spanned the globe. Direct marketing may be the biggest beneficiary of B2B databases.

Using the database, marketing departments can demographically charge every component of direct marketing. The opportunity for success increases and every solicitation is received by a prospect with purchasing potential. The return on investment rate is extremely high. In essence, this has driven direct marketing to new levels. The question is no longer whether your business should have a B2B database but rather how can you afford not to have the database.