Build Your Bottom Line with Mailing Lists

Build Your Bottom Line with Mailing Lists
Build Your Bottom Line with Mailing Lists Whether you are a startup enterprise or a long-standing business, it is never too early or too late to build a direct mail and direct e-mail list. Direct mailing lists and direct e-mail lists are quiet, tangible assets. They are powerful marketing tools and add value to your business while facilitating your targeted marketing efforts.

Professional marketing companies maintain volumes of direct e-mail, telephone and mailing lists. These lists can be rented or purchased for multiple uses. Many of these lists are specialized by geographic region, area code, zip code, income or even purchasing habits. Subscribers to mailing list services can fine-tune the lists by targeting the recipients of their marketing efforts.

Many businesses have found that the most effective marketing campaigns are incentive-based direct advertising campaigns. The effectiveness of this advertising is unquestioned. If you doubt the success of incentive-based direct delivery offers, simply look at the newspaper or the direct mail that floods mailboxes.

Equally efficient and even more cost-effective are targeted e-mail campaigns. While the consumer must open the e-mail, many businesses use this type campaign because of the inexpensive delivery system and due to the popularity of e-mail. The fact is that 90% of consumers perform internet research. They may not complete transaction online, but they are validating products and services.

Today, huge corporations are offering big discounts to consumers who register for their special rewards-type programs. Of course, these consumers must identify themselves. To potentially save money on future purchases, consumers freely provide e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses. These huge businesses, compile this information and structure it into their own direct mail lists. If big business spends time and money acquiring this data, shouldn’t your business follow suit?

If your internal direct mailing list in incomplete, make it a company priority to begin accumulating names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for all existing clients and businesses. While you are compiling your list, either rent or purchase a list. As consumers respond be sure to add them to your internal list. In no time, you will have an effective marketing tool to reach new clients and sustain your customer base.

Meanwhile, maintain the list on a regular basis, just as you would inventory other assets belonging to your business. Your efforts will be rewarded in terms of a tangible asset and a valuable marketing tool.