Building a B2B Database

Building a B2B Database
Building a B2B Database Maybe you're just setting up your business and need to generate a database of new business contacts, fast, or maybe your business has been going a while but your contacts list is out-of-date and incomplete. Whatever your situation, it's hard to underestimate the importance of a good B2B database.

With an accurate and regularly updated list of business contacts you can ensure you give your customers the best possible service, and with extensive company contact details and business profiles you can craft targeted and effective marketing campaigns.


Mistakes and inaccuracies are a sure-fire route to a reputation for unprofessionalism. Why take that risk? It's vital that you keep your files up-to-date, registering any new contact details and recording every customer's transaction history and product preferences. That way, any queries can be dealt with at a glance and good relationships can be maintained.

A B2B database can also help streamline shipping if you're in the business of selling physical products. You can use it to print out the shipping labels, thus greatly reducing the risk of error. This will have a corresponding impact on customer satisfaction and your reknown as reliable, quick and efficient.

Another great advantage of a properly organized B2B database is the opportunities it presents for integrated record-keeping between departments. All of a customer's details and transaction history will be available to be called up and viewed at a glance by anyone in the company, from customer service providers to salesmen to accountants. This will not only help reduce the incidence of errors caused by poor communication between departments, but it will mean the customer doesn't get frustrated having to explain a query from the beginning every time he speaks to a different company member.

Sales and Marketing

Integrated records will also be an invaluable resource for your marketing team. If other departments can be persuaded to note down customers' responses to assorted advertising materials and promotional offers, then this information can be used to refine and improve future campaigns.

Accurate contact information will also ensure that these campaigns are being properly targeted and that they are being seen by exactly the right people: there's no point spending time and money crafting a beautifully-designed email to send out, if half the email addresses it's sent to no longer work.

Of course, where a good business mailing list really comes into its own is in the generation of new leads. Whether you have just started your business or have been established for several years, you will be constantly looking for new customers in order to grow. If your mailing list is constantly updated then any new businesses in your target area will receive your marketing materials. A good database containing lots of information can also be analysed for previously over-looked sales opportunities.

The Solution

Few companies have the resources to build and maintain a good B2B database from scratch. An effective solution is to buy a business mailing list and then use this as a foundation on which to build a database regularly updated with details of each customer's transaction history. One of Australia's most comprehensive, competitive and accurate business data sources is available from Mailing it lists over a million businesses and all data is updated every six months. It only takes a few minutes to register, so get clicking and take your first steps to improving the efficiency of your company and your sales success!