Common Mistakes When Direct Marketing

Common Mistakes When Direct Marketing
Common Mistakes When Direct Marketing Here are list of common mistakes which even seasoned direct marketers sometimes make.

Too much information

One or two simple messages is enough for any campaign. Any more than that and you are likely to confuse your audience.

Not enough information

Keeping it simple is one thing, not explaining yourself is another.

Too much expectation

Just because you’re excited about the new offer doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Not taking advice

Mail marketing can have mixed results, so consulting industry experts will increase your campaign’s chances of success.

Too much hype

Rather than filling your campaign with superlatives, inform the customer of the benefits in an honest and realistic fashion. Your customers will thank you for it.

Hidden offers

A campaign that screams ‘half price’ only makes sense if you know how much the item is or was. Customers are excited by a dollar amount, rather than a percentage off.

Incorrect mailing lists

Having the most correct an comprehensive mailing list is essential when promoting to a targeted audience. Returned mail costs money and time, and does nothing for the development of your business. Ensure your list sources are regularly updated.