Cost Effectively Grow your B2B Business

Cost Effectively Grow your B2B Business
Cost Effectively Grow your B2B Business orried about sales? Aghast at the cost of television, radio and printed advertising? Afraid that your message is falling on deaf ears? Are sales too far off?

If so, you are not alone. There are very few businesses large or small that have not had to give themselves a gut check in the past few years. The biggest challenge is attracting customers. For that, we have persons that handle our marketing but we know the bottom line and something must be done. If you are waiting for consumers to come to you, you will soon be looking for work.

Your mission is to drive new and existing customers to your brick and mortar facility or to your website. So, let’s get those operations geared up for more business and sharpen our customer relations and be prepared for a surge in business.

You can drive customers with a 21st century application of one of the oldest ways to attract customers; direct marketing. Direct marketing works and it is the most cost-effective means to find new clients and expand into new markets.

Mailing has a database that is updated every six months. The database contains contact information about more than 1 million Australian businesses and more than 20 million US businesses. This database is current and available to you starting a just $29.99.

Imagine that you will have no unturned stones. You will have access to all these potential clients for telecommunications, e-mail, direct mail or fax marketing programs. Not only that, but you can now receive some very appealing free services like:

Because you're buying from the internet, you can now get the same quality databases at a fraction of the price.

  • FREE Setup
  • FREE Selection
  • FREE Customisation
  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Data Re-Use for 12 Months
  • FREE Online Counts

  • If you follow the three step protocol, you can print your demographically charged list immediately.

    Step 1 – The user must identify the industries and sub industries on the database. A popup window shows you the options.

    Step 2 – Choose the geographical borders of the area where you want to find new business clients.

    Step 3 – Choose the type list you want; e-mail, mal, telecommunications, fax or all of the above, the most popular choice.

    Give the filtering systems a few minutes to bring your list together and you are good to go. Push print and presto, your course to better profits and a bigger client base is in your hands.