Creating a Business List for Lead Generation

Creating a Business List for Lead Generation
Creating a Business List for Lead Generation There's only three ways to increase a business' profitability - reduce operating costs, increase pricing to customers, or get more customers. Progressive businesses are always looking for more customers, and business lists are a sure way to get there.

Up to date information

Business lists are a highly effective way of targeting your end consumer. If purchased from a reputable business list broker, like, you're sure to get quality leads from the right kind of businesses. Reputable mailing list companies ensure their leads are current and up to date, so that mail won't be delivered to empty buildings or the wrong kind of business.

Lead generation like no other - mail

It's so easy to hit 'delete' on the keyboard, or worse still, your email diverted to the junk folder and never seen the light of day. If you're serious about getting a customer to see what you have to offer, the opening of an envelope and the visualisation of a graphic or special offer is about as personal as you can get. Your future customers will have a positive experience with your product the first time.

Other ways to communicate

The best business list brokers also offer email and phone calls. If you want the most cost effective campaign in the smallest amount of time, choose email. You can also receive phone numbers of businesses you want to target. There's nothing more personal than a phone call to introduce your business, and also get valuable feedback as to what your leads think of your offer.

Get exactly who you want

Don't pay for information you don't need. Business lists allow you to target specific demographics. Don't send your special offer for Melbourne based servicing to leads in Sydney, or even Geelong. If a picture speaks a thousand words, choose to receive mailing addresses instead of phone numbers or email.

Invest a little, learn a lot

Is this the first time you've considered building your own business list to gain more customers? Why not start with just a small and highly targeted list. Send your mail, email, fax or phone campaign with an undeniable offer to a select few and see just how many leads you get. You may even sell your first round of products at a small loss to build up your client base and attract repeat business. You can also test the waters with business list marketing - with the right kind of unique offer you can track how many queries or sales you've generated. It's one of the very few ways to know just how effective your marketing spend has been.

Ready to get started?

In just 15 minutes you can have built your own business list. Decide who you want to target, what kind of campaign you want and how much you're prepared to spend. We'll take care of the rest.