Creating a Successful Marketing List

Creating a Successful Marketing List
Creating a Successful Marketing List To be able to have a successful marketing list, here are some points that you need to consider:

Don't neglect your internal resources

It’s perfectly fine if you rent or buy an external list so you can have immediate access to a ready-made mailing list. Just don’t forget to check your own internal resources for old contacts, as these strengthen existing customer's rapport and will yield more positive responses.

Don't Utilise Outdated Mailing Lists

The time it takes to complete a mailing list may be too long, as by the time everything is compiled, the data on it has already become out dated. These changes can’t be avoided and so it is essential to check and update the lists every so often. Make sure you check and process returned mail, research through online telephone directories, or verify your lists against fresh sources to confirm the current status of your customers.

Promote or Exchanging Your Customer List

Marketing your list to other associations is allowed provided that you seek first the customers’ permission as it is their right to know how their data is being used. If they disagree to share their data to other companies, you should exclude their names from any lists you share with external parties.

Rent or Purchase an External Mailing List

Renting a list may be cheaper than purchasing a list; but you should think of the extra advantages of owning the list rather than borrowing. You may find out that buying is actually more cost-effective in the long term and efficient in terms of achieving better results, more positive responses and return on investment.

Make Use of Internal Compiled Lists

Rather than obtaining through direct mail list specialists, you can create your own internally created mailing lists. Your own customised contact list could be your best resource for direct marketing, especially if your market target is your existing and good prospective customers. Lists from external sources may not contain the important additional data required to market your particular segment. It is, however, recommended to import contact data from purchased or rented mailing lists if you are experimenting in new markets, where you may not have any contact information to start with.

The success of a direct mailing list comes from a well thought out direct mailing campaign. You'll avoid wasting precious campaign funds if you start with targetted client lists. You should also take note of common mistakes like legal implications and outdated information, as these too may hinder postive results for your business.