Database Marketing – The Center of The Direct Marketing Universe

Database Marketing – The Center of The Direct Marketing Universe
Database Marketing – The Center of The Direct Marketing Universe Did you open your e-mail today? How about your mailbox? Did you receive a marketing phone call today? Chances are that all of the above happened today.

That is because every day consumers and businesses receive carefully constructed e-mails, letters, postcards, catalogs, leaflets or telephone solicitations. Sometimes that mail and those telephone calls are annoying. It’s true. But, annoying are not, statistics will bear out that direct marketing is the most effective form of advertising.

In fact, more times than not this mail, e-mail or telephone solicitation delivers a message that inspires a consumer or business to respond. Properly created e-mails, direct mail and telephone scripts really work, whether we like to admit it or not.

That is why your mailboxes is full, your inbox has all those e-mail messages and why your telephone rings when you arrive home from work. Effective direct marketing is the result of research and development. It is not marketing with a hope and a prayer. It is marketing with precise demographics that can target your advertising to real buyers.

Direct marketing consultants play a valuable part in helping clients structure meaningful marketing solutions that bring customers to your product or service and expand your customer base. The responsibility of the direct marketing professional is to motivate the new consumer to contact or visit your business location. After that, it is up to you.

The direct marketer will meet with you, hear your goals, listen to the products or services you want to promote and get an understanding of the demographics that will serve you best. Then, the fun work begins.

Direct marketing specialists can design the most effective postcard, letter, leaflet or catalog to help attract new consumers or businesses. You will have the right of final approval but chances are good that these experts have the right resources and experience to put together a perfect piece.

By either renting or purchasing a demographically suited data base list, your direct correspondence is ready to go. The provider will show you how to track the results. You will know how successful each direct mailing or telephone program has been. You will also have a fixed cost so that you can know where you stand with your budget.

Chances are good that like everyone who uses direct marketing, you will build a strong, new client list and see your sales increase as your bottom line improves. These are the qualities that make businesses use direct marketing. Isn’t it time you met with a direct marketing professional?