Direct Mail Campaign Ideas

Direct Mail Campaign Ideas
Direct Mail Campaign Ideas Looking for Direct Mail campaign ideas?

Brand your product

If you want people to remember you, your business will need to have a strong brand.

Solve problems

Only when you know the challenges facing your customers will you be able to meet their needs. Gather information, build a mail program and show how you can solve problems.

Offer value

Gifts, free samples and introductory offers are a great way of convincing a new customer to test drive your product.


Figure out what it is that you do better or differently from your competitors, then promote your business accordingly. Defined brands attract more business.


Don’t ever let your customers think you’ve forgotten them. Stay in touch by offering new and interesting incentives on a regular basis.

Think long term

Turning first time prospects into lifetime customers will ensure the ongoing success of your business. Provide loyalty incentives and look at the long term value of your clients as much as possible.

Win new business

Use your existing customer base to build new business. Testimonials and case studies will instill confidence in prospective clients.

Encourage referrals

Rewarding customers for encouraging new business is cost effective and gets great results. The best advocate is always a happy customer.

Win back business

Find out the main reasons why you may be losing business, adjust your procedures, then publicize the new approach with a follow up campaign