Direct Mail Keeps Growing

Direct Mail Keeps Growing
Direct Mail Keeps Growing A relatively new sector of mail recipients has expanded the reach that full service direct mail agencies can now provide. In November, 2009, the Australian Postal Service agreed to accept direct mail to post office box holders. This has added more than 900,000 business and consumer recipients to the data lists of full-service direct marketing firms.

Direct mail is used by large, medium and small businesses to deliver a message to targeted businesses or consumers. Direct mail agencies provide a wide range of services ranging from the simple sale or rental of targeted lists to full design and handling services.

Direct mail has come a long way since its inception in the United States in the 1964 presidential campaign of Republican candidate Barry Goldwater. The candidate used mass direct mail to solicit campaign contributions.

Through the use of today’s technology, direct mail has increased in scope and accuracy. Direct mailing lists are now demographically cross checked and can be finely filtered to get the user’s message into the hands of qualified and interested consumers or businesses.

Several surveys have been conducted in Australia to determine the effectiveness of direct mail. In 2002, Australia Post reported that the amount spent on direct mail increased by 70% between 1995 and 2002. The average Australian household received 2.3 pieces of direct mail per week in 2002. At that time, charities comprised the largest users of direct mail.

A 2003 survey by Australia Post indicated that personally addressed direct mail was favored over any other means of solicitation. Charities reported receiving 15% more from direct mail solicitations than from any other means of solicitation.

Direct mail services have advanced tremendously since 2003. Yet, the ability to convey a message through a one-on-one median has drawing power. And, delivering that message to a demographically targeted recipient just adds to the high success rate.

In terms of convenience, direct mail and the printed word offer more flexibility than other forms of advertising. When the buyer contracts for radio or television advertising, they have no control over when the message will be delivered.

With direct mail, the buyer knows when the piece will be received. Meanwhile, the recipient has the flexibility to open or read the correspondence whenever it is to their advantage. In the long run, this works well for the buyer.

The professional direct mail agency can use targeting, profiling and segmentation to maximise the return on the buyer’s time and money and drastically cut waste. Your direct mail agency will work with you to ensure that your budget is upheld and that you capture all possible savings. What more can you ask than to get your message in the hands of a captive audience targeted for your products and services and designed and distributed by your full service direct mail provider.