Direct Mail and Postcards

Direct Mail and Postcards
Direct Mail and Postcards Do you believe a picture says a thousand words? Think about the big companies that spend millions of dollars on staged printed, colorful advertisements with inducing offers. These companies use this strategy because they work, plain and simple. Even if that colorful offer doesn't get the client this time, they will be thinking about it and thinking about the savvy retailer.

Today, consumers are scanners. They do not pore through every document, read every insightful piece of information. Instead, they are attracted to images and compelling offers.

One of the best ways to get your name, your offer and your products in front of clients is with a targeted postcard mailing list. No mater what the product, no matter what the offer it can be presented in postcard form that is easy to read, easy to grasp and gets your name out front and center.

Postcard direct mailing involves reasonable goals and a very straightforward marketing strategy. The process involves five basic steps:

  • Develop a targeted list

  • Present a strong, compelling offer

  • Create an eye-catching, unforgettable postcard

  • Follow through with consistent mailings

  • Track results
Your postcard strategy need not be any more complicated than that. Of course, this component of your marketing strategy will be consistent with your overall marketing plan and budget.

To create an effective direct mailing list, you should use your own internal list and select a provider who can provide a list that is demographically compatible with your product. Your goal is to secure your current customers and retain new ones. These outside lists can either be purchased or rented from mailing list providers.

Put thought into the offer you will provide. It cannot be just your ordinary, everyday offer. Offer an extraordinary discount or a one of a kind incentive. Make it special and remember the goal is to get new and old faces in the door.

For your design, strive to make sure it gets read. The goal is that not one ends up in the wastebasket. Many direct mailing providers have creative designers that can work wit you to develop a unique postcard.

One shot will not do. You must commit to at least three strategic mailings. If you envision a one-shot mailing campaign, you are wasting your money.

Make your offer so that you can track the results. To redeem the offer, perhaps the card should be presented? Or, you can use a code that must be identified to capture the offer. Your direct mail consultant will have other, more appropriate suggestions. Do not be afraid to pick their brains. After all, they also want your direct mail postcard program to succeed. We always like win-win situations.