Direct Mail vs Mass Mail

Direct Mail vs Mass Mail
Direct Mail vs Mass Mail Direct mail provides bang for the buck giving the advertiser access to targeted, filtered and focused consumers. Direct mail is flexible and serves multiple marketing purposes. Indeed, before big mass media advertising campaigns are launched, many advertisers test their advertising offers with direct mailings.

Direct mail is much more cost effective than mass marketing. Not only can the sender track the results but recipients can also be filtered to fall within income ranges, geographic areas or even by previous buying trends.

Direct marketing lists can be e-mail based, telephone based or mail based. Lists can be purchased for more multiple re-uses or can be rented for a one-time use. The least expensive way to get your message to thousands of people is via e-mail. More and more advertisers are finding ways to generate responses and capture new prospect information. The key to success is to design an e-mail campaign that is not regarded as spam.

Effective direct marketing requires follow through. Staff should be prepared for a flood of activity. A bit of training can yield big results and more repeat business, which should always be the goal. Applying the theory that you give a little to get a lot, the most successful direct marketing campaigns are incentive based. By putting a solid “get acquainted” offer in front of new consumers, the sender can expect new clients and contacts.

Direct mail opens the door to direct communication. Once that direct communication begins, the company must have a strategy to obtain consumer information and have a compelling call to action. These steps should be refined prior to sending out your direct mail or e-mail message or before launching your telephone campaign.

Large corporations utilise direct mail to sample products and advertising in specific areas. If your business is exploring a new market, targeted marketing lists are the best way to get immediate attention. Marketers often attach codes to their incentive offers so that they can track results.

This is just one-way, you can track results. Remember, you will know exactly how many mailings were issued so you can track the number of responses. Before launching an all out direct mail campaign, analyze the results of a limited mailing to make sure your message is effective. This is the type flexibility that direct mailings offer.

When your message is optimised for appeal, you are ready to proceed with a substantial direct mailing. Remember, the larger the mailing, the more cost-effective the marketing campaign becomes.