Direct Marketing to Build Your Brand

Direct Marketing to Build Your Brand
Direct Marketing to Build Your Brand Schools and churches use principles of direct marketing to get their messages out. A high percentage of recipients read this information. That’s because they are engaged and because the source of the mailing is known to them. That, my friends, is a distinct advantages of direct marketing.

When grocery stores send out their flyers, the viewership knows what to expect and they are familiar with the provider so they save it or read it. What more could you ask for? Similarly, if your business sent a flyer, postcard, e-mail or even called an existing client, that client would read the printed word and probably return the call.

A well designed piece of direct marketing increases your brand awareness and has the double edged effect of delivering a compelling message. Every parcel of direct marketing is expanding your brand and your reach to carefully filtered prospects that meet the demographics of your customer.

If your company already has a solid brand, you are one step ahead and all you need is to capitalize on that asset by delivering a compelling call to action. This reinforces your brand recognition and gets your powerful message in play. If you are building a brand or using direct marketing to enter a new market, your message needs to have an even stronger call to action.

The advantages of a full service direct marketing firm cannot be underestimated. In addition to design services, the full service direct marketing firm can offer many options in terms of their data base. With proper analysis, the consultant can present several different direct marketing options that will include important tracking information.

The most effective means of direct marketing are mail, e-mail, telephone or fax. Research indicates that each of these services has value. In the recession, the growth of direct mail and direct e-mail campaigns outweigh the growth of telephone or fax programs.

The full service direct mail consultancy will have access to data bases for all forms of direct marketing. Users can rent or purchase these data lists that will be derived by applying the customer’s demographics to their full data base.

If the business purchases or rents the list, they are committed to handling distribution. The consultancy can still help develop the piece to be distributed and install a tracking method.

In this era of low staffing and increased outsourcing, most direct marketing clients retain the consultancy to provide full service. The consultant then works closely with the clients to understand the value of the product or service and structure a motivational call to action. The demographics are carefully analysed and a striking piece is created and distributed. The client tracks the response and after a defined time period follows through with a second piece. Effective direct marketing is not one-dimensional and must be sustained with follow through.

The consultant handles all the development and all the distribution. The buyer gets a fixed rate and most importantly a broader brand recognition that will survive for years to come.