Easy Business List Creation

Easy Business List Creation
Easy Business List Creation If you can benefit from a targeted direct marketing mailing list, your timing could not be better. Mailing Lists.com.au is Australia’s most active and cost-effective business to business list generating service. Featuring a database of more than 1 million Australian businesses and 21 million US businesses, clients have access to the latest contact information for businesses in both countries.

Clients can build the list that serves them the best. Choose from either a direct mail, direct telecommunication, direct e-mail, direct fax or a comprehensive all information available option. This database is updated every six months and has clients raving about the many uses the list provides.

The reason your timing could not be better is that Mailing Lists.com.au is now offering appealing special offers to businesses seeking important contact information. Before describing these offers, let’s make sure you understand how easy it is to extract the precise information you need to create a finely tuned list that is updated and can serve any number of purposes.

Use three easy steps to filter the web-based database:

  • Select an industry and industry sub-sectors about which you need to have information.
  • Choose the geographical area for which you wish to have this data.
  • Select one or more type direct contact lists you want from, e-mail, mail, fax, telecommunications or all of the above.

  • That is how easy it is. Wait while the program filters the area and your list is printed to your computer. Seems too easy doesn’t it? That is precisely why this program is driving the direct marketing industry.

    To maximise the return on investment, the mailinglists.com.au is offering the following exclusive, free services.

  • Free Setup
  • Free Selection
  • Free Customisation
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Data Re-Use for 12 Months
  • Free Online Counts

  • Think about the quality and flexibility of this offer. Then think about the value. Demographically targeted direct marketing lists for US and/or Australian businesses can be generated for as little as $29.95.

    You can enjoy fashioning the presentation to your own setup, make specific or general filtering choices and limit your costs by utilizing the free online count system. Mailing Lists.com.au provides an easy way to fast track your next marketing initiative, your next product awareness launch, or accounts receivable update or just about anything else. This provider has the most current business data on the market.

    Direct marketing is the reigning trend for marketing plans. This is a cost-effective, straightforward marketing approach that has gained great favor for businesses that have a compelling offer and a solid product line. The idea is to get your message to interested, potential users. What are you waiting for? Visit Mailinglist.com.au and get all the details.