Getting fax numbers for your fax campaign

Getting fax numbers for your fax campaign
Getting fax numbers for your fax campaign It's hard to get fax numbers when compiling your own direct marketing lists. Sure, you'll have a few that you know work - your current suppliers, customers and people you currently do business with. However to grow a business, you need to reach out to a new audience, which is where Mailing Lists Online can help.

Why fax in the 21st Century?

Running a fax campaign is like sending someone an email, and knowing they have printed it off. If your message is interesting enough, it can even be passed around the office. Sure email is good, but can you be sure it will be printed? Or even opened? Or even appear in the inbox? While the fax machine is less thought of, it's a powerful way to ensure your message is printed at someone else's office. The benefit of the fax machine being less thought of is that there's also less clutter competing for attention. Your message may very well be the only one received, read, and acted on.

Get trusted and dependable data

Fax and other direct marketing lists usually become out-dated very soon after being created; people change jobs, offices move, people's interests change. Rather than waste time creating your own list from scratch you'd be better of starting with an existing fax marketing list that has been compiled by professionals. That way you can be sure you're receiving up to date information.

Not an expense, but an investment - use it again and again.

Dynamic online business list brokers like can provide you with businesses that meet your needs. Determine who you want to target by industry and location. Once you have the list, you've made an investment in your business's future. Maintain the list by removing out of date numbers, and adding new numbers to the list yourself as you come across new business you should be targeting.


Unlike so much marketing spend, a direct fax campaign can be designed so that it is effective and measureable. Why not have a unique offer promoted on your first fax out so you know just how many customers have responded. By having a unique web address, phone number, redemption code product or offer on your fax out you can easily record the number of hits you receive from your campaign.