Honesty Will Always Prevail

Honesty Will Always Prevail
Honesty Will Always Prevail Marketing has been around since the day people started trading. It has gone through many variations using many different tools, angles, tactics and strategies. As the options increased for consumers and competition intensified in the 80's and 90's we saw marketers get smarter. One could even say we saw many marketers get dodgier. We saw a new era of "spin" and a new science developing in the area of "perception manipulation".

The more intense the competition, the greater the need for marketers to evolve their strategies and cut through the clutter. Call it survival of the fittest if you like. This has escalated considerably to the point where: spin, misrepresentation and even deception is reaching a point of critical mass in marketing. This means that many of the tactics of the 80's and 90's are no longer having the same impact they used to. Consumers are becoming more discerning, suspicious and cautious then ever.

My experience of recent is all pointing to what is becoming a new era in marketing, and I would go as far as saying a new era in human consciousness. This is an era of honesty, authenticity and TRUTH.

Lies, deception and in-authenticity have had their day! As such, the message in this ChildsPlay Marketing Article is all about being straight! It's about improving the impact of your marketing by coming from a place of honesty, authenticity and integrity.

Whenever you catch yourself being too clever, be it in copywriting or selling etc, ask yourself these questions. "Am I being honest? Is this totally authentic? Am I trying to manipulate this person's perceptions unnecessarily? How can I be more direct with my communication?"

You will find that it is not the "smart-alec" tactic that cuts through in today's marketing, but an honest, authentic and truthful message! This will take a lot of pressure off you as well. Being a "smart-alec" is hard work. I know!

In a sea of lies and deception only honesty can stand out from the crowd!

Remember the immortal words of this very well known identity: Ali G - "Keep it real!".

Author: Daniel Rechnitzer, founder of ChildsPlay Marketing - Simple Ways To Succeed in Business. See www.ChildsPlayMarketing.com