How Can Press Releases Help My Business

How Can Press Releases Help My Business
How Can Press Releases Help My Business A press release or media release is a tool marketers use to get their brand, products or services talked about in the media. It's where the news gets their news from! Nearly every article you see or hear about in the news comes from some form of media release.

As a business owner or marketer, it is our job to get as many people knowing about our products and services as possible. One of the quickest, cheapest and most credible ways to do this is by using the media. Depending on the nature of your business, you can select to get exposure in mainstream media such as the nation's biggest newspapers, most popular magazines or most listened-to radio stations. Alternatively you may select more niche media vehicles that focus specifically on the audience of your choosing - be that industry-specific magazines, newsletters, websites or local newspapers.

So how do you get the media to talk about you? Not everything we do in business in considered "news", so it is up to us or a hired publicist to create the story. You can tell what is newsworthy just by reading current headlines in the press. It could be topics about the environment, latest technology, politics, business in economic downturns, the latest rip-off scams on the internet… the list is endless.

Journalists and editors rely on content to sell their papers and magazines, or to attract listeners or viewers to their programs. So the more relevant your story is to current hot topics, the more likely the media is to put you in the limelight. But don't let this put you off, I remember reading an article in the news about a new pair of sunglasses. No, this was not at the height of the skin-cancer scare, nor was it during a lunar eclipse. So when was it? Well, the marketer behind these sunglasses was a genius at finding links to current hot topics. At this time Viagra was making a big splash in the media, so the marketer figured out if he could link his product to Viagra, he too would get air time! During this time Viagra was rumored to have caused "Viagra Vision", a kind of impaired vision resulting from using the pills. This was the angle he needed! The article got accepted into the media because the media release explained how the sunglasses had special lenses that helped remedy "Viagra Vision". A simple link to a hot topic brought him massive exposure and mega-bucks in sales!

As you can see, by linking your business or products to hot topics, you too can get media exposure. Here are some topics you can bring to the media: product releases, new research you have conducted, hiring and firing of staff, upcoming events, innovations in business, international expansion, donations to charities, community events, etc…

Identify which media outlets you want exposure in (TV, Print, Radio, Web) and which journalists and editors you should be contacting. The trick is to capture the attention of your editor or journalist. Keep the release short and concise, one page is usually sufficient. Use powerful headlines to get your readers attention, use subheadings to make it easier to read. Always include credibility boosters, such as case studies, clients involved, expert endorsements, or testimonials from reputable parties. And always invite journalists to contact you if they require more information, and be ready for that interview.

Just like everything in marketing the trick is to stand out from the crowd!

Author: Daniel Rechnitzer, founder of ChildsPlay Marketing - Simple Ways To Succeed in Business. See