How Can You Sell More

How Can You Sell More
How Can You Sell More This tip is all about how you can dramatically improve your sales by increasing the attractiveness and appeal of your offering. With so many competitors offering similar products and services, how do we make our offering irresistible?

Many businesses owners immediately answer this question by DISCOUNTING their products or services. While discounting has its place and can be highly effective, it can also be very counter-productive. Discounting erodes your margins, can be easily replicated without your competitor appearing as a copy-cat, and depending on your offering and positioning, discounting can adversely affect the perceived value of your offering and your brand -for example, you do not see Porsche or Rolex having 50% Off Sales!

So, if we don't discount, what can we do? The answer is simple, and yet amazingly effective. Instead of discounting you can give BONUSES! By giving bonus products or services you are giving your prospect greater buying power and far greater value for money!

Bonuses are used by the most successful marketers all over the world. We are all very familiar with the "Free Steak Knives" being offered by Tim Shaw at Demtel. Bonuses are offered, because they work.

Here are two suggestions to help you be successful with your Bonuses:

1) Make the bonuses relevant to your offering. By this I mean have your Bonus fit in with the overall benefit being offered by the original product or service. For example, I conducted a great promotion where to entice people to come to my client to have a website built, we gave a away a BONUS Digital Camera! The cameras are a great tool for websites as you can take photos and post them on your site. It worked really well because the bonus enhanced the total value of the offering!

But aren't Digital Cameras too expensive to give away? Go to point 2!

2) The Bonus must have a high perceived value but low relative cost to you! At the time of the promotion digital cameras had perceived value of $400-$500 so they represented a great bonus (high perceived value). But to give away a product at this cost was prohibitive, so we sourced digital cameras wholesale at $199. Now, compared to the revenue made on the websites of $3,000-$5,000, the cost of the camera was relatively low. A win win!

Think about what bonus products or services you can offer your prospects as an incentive to buy your offering. Remember the bonus must have a high perceived value and a low relative cost to you. To get things at a low cost you could go the wholesaler, you may have a customer / client who can help you out, or you could do a contra deal with the supplier of these Bonus products or services (i.e swap your offerings for theirs), or you can educate this supplier that by you offering their product as a bonus, you are in fact marketing their brand and product, so they have a vested interest to help you! You have many options.

Author: Daniel Rechnitzer, founder of ChildsPlay Marketing - Simple Ways To Succeed in Business. See