How Mailing Lists Can Make Your Marketing Budget Accountable

How Mailing Lists Can Make Your Marketing Budget Accountable
How Mailing Lists Can Make Your Marketing Budget Accountable Henry Ford once famously said that only half his advertising worked, but the trouble was that he didn't know which half. The problem with mainstream and broadcast marketing is you can't only pay to reach your target consumer. Mailing list marketing solves the problem of wastage. Mailing list marketing is both highly targeted and highly accountable, which is a marketers dream. Make your advertising dollars work hard with minimal waste with a unique mailing list made just for your business at Mailing

Mailing list return on investment is measurable and effective. The success of your direct mail marketing campaign can be made effective in two ways. First, you can specify exactly who should receive your promotional materials. Only want to target metropolitan businesses in Sydney? Only seeking to recruit customers from the manufacturing industry? No problem! Mailing will deliver a targeted database containing only those businesses, ensuring you get 100% accuracy in your reach.

Secondly, the uptake from a direct mail campaign can be effectively measured. You have complete creative control over the message you want to convey. You can run a totally separate campaign and measure the success by the number of sales or enquiries. Perhaps you have a unique product that is only available to your mailing list audience, or your recipients can quote a coupon code for a special discount, or you could even create a unique website URL and see how many unique visitors you gain as a result of your mail marketing campaign. The ways to test response and uptake is only limited by your imagination.

An added bonus of mail marketing campaigns is that, unlike television or print advertising, the cost of developing your creative is very affordable. If you have a bit of skill on the computer and an eye for design is can be relatively simple to create your own mailer. Most quality print houses will have a graphic designer on payroll, so for a small extra fee you could have your flyer designed by a pro. Another plus of direct mail creative is that you can make 2 versions of the same offer and test which design works best. Alternatively you could use the same design, but create 2 different offers for your audience to know which one is of greater interest to your customers. This is known as A/B testing and mailing lists are the ideal platform for testing marketing messages.

Your customers have more media options than ever before. Metropolitan residents may see up to 5,000 advertising messages per day. Your consumers are bombarded with messages in every waking moment. Most mainstream marketing channels can't deliver the same intimacy and accuracy of a mail campaign. Instead of another message blaring on a TV to all and sundry, your message is literally in the hands of exactly who you want to read it, complete with your contact details, pricing, special offers and anything else you want to convey. Your customers are also unlikely to be distracted with other media or interruptions while they enjoy a quiet moment of opening the mail. Direct mail is a marking platform that works on so many levels.

Mailing list marketing is more attractive than ever. Not many other campaigns can deliver such highly targeted and effective reach, combined with minimal waste. You've got nothing to lose by trying a direct mail campaign with Mailing, except perhaps the 50% of your ineffective advertising spend.