How To Be Your Own Professional Business Coach

How To Be Your Own Professional Business Coach
How To Be Your Own Professional Business Coach Ha, controversial headline - I know! How can you be the Coach, the Trainer and the Player n your business team? How do you be the Strategist, the Motivator and the Doer?

The thing I find the most funny about these questions is that nobody seems to have the answer (yet), so much so that it's been labelled by some as "impossible". 'You can't possibly be Playing in the game, and at the same time be standing back to get the birds' eye view and make Strategic decisions'.

That's funny...

Isn't that EXACTLY what we NEED to be doing in our small business? Aren't we always told: 'You have to work ON your business, not just IN your business'? And doesn't that mean that we NEED to be the Coach / Strategist, Trainer / Motivator, as well as the Player / Doer?

So, maybe it's time we learnt HOW, right?!!

This is not a time management article, where I teach you how to set aside time in the most creative part of your waking day, find quiet place away from distractions, and create your strategies and actions - as well as KPI's and rewards - which you can implement for the rest of the day / week / month as Player.

That is what you'll end up doing, but the HOW is far more interesting than that...

It's a brand-new way of thinking. But more than that, it's a brand-new way of Being, which results in a brand-new way of Playing, which results in far better game statistics and Outcomes!

You see, the vast majority of people only DO in business what they see themselves (and their team) as capable of doing. Those that hire experts to coach them, or prepare their game Strategies (marketing campaigns), stretch themselves a little to improve their bottom line. But still they (and the experts helping them) are only working with what's available - themselves and their team - to adopt and implement these strategies (or not, due to the lack of appropriate resources - human or financial, mostly).

So what's this new approach?

Rather than giving you the answers (and thereby making you dependent on our consulting services), we show you where to find the answers for yourself, by teaching you how to use the other 95% of your brain that's currently lying dormant, to yourself access the most powerful ways to grow your business (and yourself, incidentally).

This will take you so far outside the square that the square will look like a dot to you. It's here that the big answers can be found, those answers that will double your business in one month instead of one year (or more).

The methodology is not fluffy, right (or left) brained, wishful thinking or positivity-based. It's a scientific process, which can be taught to anyone who's prepared to finally do something different for a different result (rather than always doing similar things for similar results).

So, are you intrigued? Are you giving yourself enough credit to think that you could be taught how to use 100% of your brain, so you can evolve to be someone that can be a Coach / Trainer / Player hybrid in your own business? Can you see how necessary that is for your business to REALLY flourish? I've got plenty more to say on the subject (and answer your questions), so...

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