How To Grow Your Business With Direct Mail

How To Grow Your Business With Direct Mail
How To Grow Your Business With Direct Mail If we offered you a cost-effective means to grow your business-to business sales through direct mail, would you be interested? Let me put that another way. If we offered you a cost-effective B2B direct contact program, why would you resist? If, Apple, Dell and IBM use direct mail to attract new business, why can't you?

If you have the greatest product in the world and you are not promoting your products and brand properly, some other business is after your existing and potential clients. There are no protected areas anymore.

These days, new targeted marketing is the name of the marketing game. B2B television and radio advertising is an outdated, past-prime approach to expanding your range. Whether you are looking to grow on the global scene or in a small territory, direct contact programs can be tailored to your demographics. Best of all, 21st century technology lets you choose the recipients of your marketing plan.

This is how it works. At Mailing, you can design your direct mail approach through a step-by-step prompts that sets in motion various filters that describe your demographics. Filters exist for the following criteria:

  • Geographic territory, state, region, city, county or nation..
  • Industry and sub-industry.
  • List type.

  • Lists can be generated for these direct marketing plans:

  • E-mail.
  • Mail.
  • Fax.
  • Telephone.
  • Combination of the above.

  • There are many uses for this information. While direct marketing is the most popular use of the program, there are other business applications that can benefit from this information.

    Online marketing lists are ideal applications for the Internet. This site maintains a massive database of US and AU businesses. All information is updated every six months. This ensures useful data that is unparalleled for accuracy.

    As a promotional incentive, Mailing Lists Online is offering some terrific no cost services.

  • FREE Setup
  • FREE Selection
  • FREE Customization
  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Data Re-Use for 12 Months
  • FREE Online Counts

  • Not bad, eh? But, the real strength of this database is the reliable, current information that a help grow your enterprise. No business is too small, no business is too large. No geographic area is too small or too large.

    Consider this. At Mailing, you have access to a database that consists of:

  • Over 1 million Australian businesses listed
  • Over 20 million US Businesses listed
  • Over 250,000 Australian fax numbers
  • Over 2, million US fax numbers

  • Most importantly the lists grow and are updated regularly. This means that the power of growing your business is within your reach and controlled by you. With mailing lists that begin at $29.95, mailing lists online is your opportunity to take control of your company's marketing plans.