How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Print Advertising

How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Print Advertising
How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Print Advertising You would rarely hear me talk about advertising, as I consider it one of the most expensive forms of marketing available. However, I've decided to talk about advertising in this Tip as I know many of you use it, and I feel a certain protective obligation to those of you who are not getting the results you want from your ads. So to help you get advertising working better for you, I'm devoting this Tip to giving you the following five pearls of advertising wisdom.

1. It's All Sales

To create powerful result-generating ads you need to understand that advertising is not about being witty, or being able to write the least amount of words on one page. Effective advertising is salesmanship - nothing more and nothing less. It is about taking your most effective sales pitch and putting it down in writing. You need to ask yourself "what would you say if I were face to face with the prospect and wanting to sell your product?" Would you use witty slogans? Would you confine yourself to being very brief and saying as little as possible? Or would you give your prospect all the information they need to make an informed decision? Remember Ads are sales pitches in writing!

2. An Attention Grabbing Headline

You need to get the attention of your prospects, which is why headlines are so important. They are effectively an ad for your ad. It is what tells readers why they should stop and read more about your products or services. The headline should be targeted to your most likely buyer and powerfully communicate the single most compelling benefit provided by your offering. Have a look at newspapers and magazines and see which advertisement headlines grab your attention and why.

3. Emotionalise The Benefit

Remember that emotion sells and logic justifies. The greater your ability to communicate the emotional benefits your prospect has to gain, the greater the success of your advertising. Identify and articulate the emotional reasons why your prospects would want to buy your products or services. For example I recently heard a radio advertisement promoting the Desperate And Dateless Ball. One of the comments during the ad was "You will be like a kid in a candy store." This statement instantly gives you a powerful and deep comprehension as to the benefits you'll receive from this offering.

4. Creating Credibility

Advertising is really YOU making a song and dance about YOURSELF or your offerings. It therefore has very little credibility, especially when you compare it to other marketing tools such as publicity, word of mouth that involve a third party's endorsement. To add credibility to your advertising you have many options. Some of these include:

(a) Use testimonials which convey the specific benefits received.

(b) Be as specific as possible when articulating the benefits. Avoid generalities and always quantify and qualify benefits wherever possible.

(c) Make sure each statement is believable and not over-exaggerated. Remember we do not believe in things that are too good to be true -it just makes us suspicious.

(d) Use logic to justify the purchase. Spell out why purchasing this offering is totally logical and justifiable.

5. Baby Steps

It is highly likely that the prospect who is reading your ad has never bought from you before. To get your prospect to act and buy from you, it is imperative that the next steps with you are as easy, painless and as risk free as possible. Some tips on how to achieve this include:

(a) A totally irresistible offer in terms of price.

(b) A totally irresistible offer in terms of a bonus product or service.

(c) A trial. Or

(d) An invitation to an obligation free event… just to name a few.

6. Test

Test your advertising. Test your headlines, test your body copy, test your special offers, test the advertising mediums. Don't expect to get great results first off. Advertising that works is advertising that has been tested and refined and tested and refined. Always test your marketing.

I hope you find these suggestions help you to improve the effectiveness of your advertising. The key to remember is to think of your ads as sales pitches and to ask yourself what would I say during a sales pitch? How would I get my prospect's attention? What benefits would I talk about and how would I articulate these in an emotional way? How would I increase my credibility? How would I motivate my prospects to act now? And should I be testing the sales pitch?

Written by Daniel Rechnitzer of ChildsPlay Marketing

Daniel is the creator of ChildsPlay Marketing, a brainstorming kit whereby- mixing and matching 3 decks of cards has you create over 125,000 unique marketing campaigns. Visit the website now!