How To Maintain Your Business Marketing List

How To Maintain Your Business Marketing List
How To Maintain Your Business Marketing List Every successful business has a great marketing plan, and it often comes at a significant expense. Good campaigns always cost money, there’s no way around that, but you can minimize recurrence costs by maintaining your business marketing list. taking_notes.jpg

Business marketing lists have a number of formats; fax lists which are great for image heavy singly page offers; phone lists that are ideal for selling a complex product over the phone; mailing lists which suit catalogue drives; and email lists which are quick and easy to send and you can gauge an immediate response.

A good quality business list, like the ones from, are an investment in your marketing program. With a little effort it can become a cost effective part of your future campaigns too. When you buy a business list from Mailing Lists, you can be sure you’re getting recently researched and quality leads. Once you buy the list, it’s yours to keep and use again.

When you go to use the list again down the track you might find things have changed. Here’s our top tips on keeping your business list up to date and as effective as possible.

  • Keep it up to date with your latest leads. Business is dynamic and there are new leads coming in from all over the place. Make sure you capitalize on this. Customers sending inbound sales emails? Add them to your email list! Just shipped something out to a customer? Add their details to your mailing list! Treat it like a living document and make time to regularly add new leads.

  • Remove dead leads. Track your bounced emails, unanswered faxes or returned mail. Make sure you then take these leads off your list so you’re not wasting time and money in chasing non-existent leads. Including dead leads in your list also pulls down your campaign results as sending to customers who don’t exist will lower your conversion rate.

  • Have a competition! Customers love competitions and often expect that they will be placed on your marketing list after entry (always give customers an opportunity to opt out once they are listed). It’s a sure way to grow your existing business list quickly with fresh leads.