How To Turn Your Marketing Communications Into More Profits

How To Turn Your Marketing Communications Into More Profits
How To Turn Your Marketing Communications Into More Profits Communication in life is everything. It dictates your quality of life in terms of how you perceive your reality, and in terms of what you create for yourself in your external world. Marketing Communications are no different. It is your ability to communicate that will dictate whether you succeed or fail in marketing, and to what degree. As such, in this Shoestring Marketing Tip I wanted to give you two powerful ways to improve the impact of your marketing communications so that you produce far more profits - all on a Shoestring Budget.

Your marketing communications include: website, brochures, business cards, networking spiel (elevator pitch), phone scripts, hold music, signage, corporate profiles, basically any communication that leaves your business etc.

1) Speak in "Customer Speak" - "Sell the Sizzle not the Sausage!"

Those of you who have attended my workshops will already be familiar with this first tool. As a marketer we must remember that we are in the business of satisfying customer needs, through the provision of products and services. Notice the structure of that sentence. We are not in the business of selling products and services. Customers don't buy products and services; they buy what these product and services deliver to them. Customers buy benefits! And therefore prospects/ customers always listen through a filter of "what's in it for me?" For example, you don't buy a gym membership because you need gym equipment; you buy a gym membership because you are either seeking fitness, weight loss, etc. We buy a car because we want transport.

There are two types of benefits people buy:

(1) Emotional and

(2) Logical.

Let's look at buying a car as an example. An emotional oriented benefit would be how you would feel about being in this new car, how you would feel about owning this new car. You may feel sexier, more peaceful knowing it wont breakdown, you may feel more accomplished, etc. An example of logical benefits include: cost savings, safety features, cost of repairs, high resale value, etc. In your marketing include both emotional and logical benefits. Remember that emotions sell and logic justifies. Think about all the emotional and logical benefits your business offers. Perhaps write a list to incorporate in your communications.

2) Similes - Communicate To Your Audience as Powerfully as Martin Luther King, Jr.

For people to really understand exactly what you are trying to communicate you often need to equate, link, or compare your offering to something people already understand and appreciate.

This is where similes become incredibly powerful. If you have forgotten what a simile is, I'll remind you: A simile is the comparison of two unlike things using the word 'like' or 'as', e.g. "as delicate as a flower" or "she negotiates like Donald Trump".

Now to demonstrate the marketing application. Brooks running shoes recently ran an ad campaign promoting their new shoes. Instead of typical headline like "NEW Brooks Runners Out Now!", they used the power of a smile by saying: "These shoes are like a 7 star hotel for your feet". Instantly you understand and appreciate what they are talking about. You can imagine what a 7 star hotel would be like, and your mind can imagine what a 7 star hotel would be like for your feet. Pretty comfortable I would guess. You instantly get it!

By linking your offering to something people already understand your marketing communications will have far more impact, and you'll turn more of your communications into profits! Think about what your service or product is "like" or "as".

I hope this Marketing Tip has been valuable to you. Feel free to pass it on to friends, family or colleagues, and of course your feedback is always welcomed and always appreciated.

Written by Daniel Rechnitzer of ChildsPlay Marketing

Daniel is the creator of ChildsPlay Marketing, a brainstorming kit whereby- mixing and matching 3 decks of cards has you create over 125,000 unique marketing campaigns. Visit the website now!