How to Measure Your Direct Marketing Results

How to Measure Your Direct Marketing Results
How to Measure Your Direct Marketing Results Generating profits is the number one objective of direct marketing campaigns. In comparison to other types of advertising, direct marketing campaigns provide measurable results so that it is easier to know if your marketing dollars are being spent sensibly.

Different types of marketing including billboard advertising, generic newspaper ads, as well as radio and TV spots that are also widely used today often lure or try to introduce brand familiarity and brand loyalty. However, the biggest disadvantage to these is that there is no method of quantifying the effects of these marketing strategies.

The way in which direct marketing campaigns accomplish the measuring of the effectivity of this method is through their so-called “one call to action” scheme wherein the prospect has to perform some definite, measurable action that will bring them to the next step of the process.

This “call to action” can be as simple as bringing leaflets when buying your products or cutting out coupons that they have seen in newspapers and using them on their purchase. It can also range from giving their contact information in exchange for some promo or gift you offer for choosing in on your website to agreeing with a buying question when your call center gets in touch with them.

As anyone can see, all these results are quantifiable. With this type of marketing readily measurable, you can easily adjust your actions and maybe try more tested tactics to arrive at desired results. This is what direct marketing tender to their participants.

What Can An Internet Based Direct Marketing Campaign Measure?

A lot of things can be measured by an internet based direct marketing campaign but the two most popular measurements would be the response rate and the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

Your Response Rate

“Money is in a qualified list.” This is what many marketers believe meaning that as a direct marketer on the internet, your objectives are to initially stimulate people to visit your website and once logged in, to join in your mailing list. Traffic generation can be done either through paid advertising or other complimentary methods. The number of people visiting your site everyday in any given timeframe can be readily displayed through various available analytic software programs.

It is not a complicated process to know the response rate to your opt-in request. You can just compare the number of people who opt-in to your mailing list to the number of visitors to your website. And as you email more information to your list, along with other means to purchase your product, you can measure the number of people who open your emails, know the time they spend reading your emails, how many of them actually buy your products, etc.

The information derived can point to the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaign. This will potentially help you in identifying what is profitable, non-profitable, and what can be done to further increase sales and ameliorate the non-cash generating schemes.