Lets Get Creative

Lets Get Creative
Lets Get Creative Now you have your offer(s) ready to go, it's time to apply the creative process in order to put you ahead of your competitors. But first there are a couple of things to consider;

  • Relevance - the message must relate directly to your target audience, as well as your own brand and image.

  • Human Connection - when a person receives a piece of direct marketing, they must feel the message speaks directly to them.

  • Your copy should cover the following areas;

  • Headline - this must grab the readers attention and relate to your target audience

  • Proposition - use evidence and credibility to build your pitch,

  • Offer - answer the WIIFM? (what's in it for me?) question.

  • Call to Action - TELL people what you want to them to do!

  • Now we have the different sections of the copy ready to go, so we need to put them together for one single document. In order to put the various section of your copy together into one single document, the following measures should be addressed;

  • Does the headline marry with the first line of copy?

  • Are the graphics / photographs consistent with the copy?

  • Are the photo's relevant or alienating to the target market?

  • Do the copy and graphics flow together?

  • Is there a natural flow which takes the reader from one section to the next?

  • Do the subheadings act as the skeleton for the message?

  • Does the eye naturally go from one subhead to the next?

  • Does the copy flesh out the story?

  • Does the concept enhance or obscure the message?

  • Are the benefits to the consumer obvious?

  • Is it interesting?

  • Is it believable?
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