Leverage Your Format For The Most Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Leverage Your Format For The Most Effective Direct Mail Campaign
Leverage Your Format For The Most Effective Direct Mail Campaign Direct mail is often the best format for your marketing campaign. At a time where it’s all too easy to hit the delete button or have unwanted mail sent straight to the junk folder, getting your message under the nose of consumers may be easier than you think. To get the best possible outcome it’s essential to consider your format and headline message.

One of the most important considerations is the format of your campaign. If you’ve ever bought a Dell computer think of their beautiful catalogues that are mailed in clear envelopes. The clear envelope is a brilliant way of having customers see one whole page of your offer without having to open. If the offer is enticing the packet will be opened.

Another popular format is postcards, perfect for communicating one simple message to your audience. Spend the time and money to get the graphic right so that it will be eye catching, even humorous. The message is also critical: what is the one thing you want consumers to do after reading your post card? Go online? Call to buy? Register? Make sure that’s the clear in your communication.

Sending sealed envelopes by direct mail is still one of the most common formats, but is dated. Approach this format with caution and make sure you have fully explored all alternatives. While some headlines like ‘special offer enclosed’ or ‘personal message for John Citizen’ on the outside may seem appealing, should the consumer realize they have been misled it’s going to be a hard sale to make.

While the initial outlay of a direct mail campaign may seem very expensive, this campaign is one of the most likely ones to get audience interaction. You are likely to get more leads that are better qualified and more likely to purchase. Once you break this down into cost per lead then you’re likely to be ahead with a direct mail campaign. Because of the initial investment, it’s critical you get your format, message and design exactly the way you want it.