Making Your Direct Mail Compelling

Making Your Direct Mail Compelling
Making Your Direct Mail Compelling A limited understanding of the key components of composing a successful piece of direct mail is the most common reason that this highly effective form of marketing does not reach its goals. Gaining an understanding of the central ingredients in your direct mail offering is the most critical element in your success formula.

You have already opted to include direct mail in your overall marketing strategy. This choice was predicated on budget, targeted reach and a desire to bring existing clients back and new clients into your place of business. You will use this strategy to re-energize your presence, boost product familiarity and to motivate new prospects.

You have purchased or leased a direct marketing list and you have selected the form of the notice. All good, so far! The excitement is mounting as images of new clients and sales dance before you.

Creating the direct mail proposition is not a job for amateurs. An effective piece of direct mail must never be mistaken for junk mail, the proven enemy. Effective direct mail offers work because they subscribe to a proven formula. Your designers can be as creative and talented as they want, but without this formula for success, your direct mail piece most likely fall short of expectations.

Be sure to include these components:

  • Identify your targeted demographic and create a message that has appeal for that audience.

  • Use distinctive wording. Avoid industry slogans and pitches.

  • Highlight the benefit of your direct mail offer. Be clear, concise and stand behind the benefit.

  • Be unique. To make your direct mail stand out, use interesting design, well coordinated articulation and make sure the piece is opened. If the recipient has opened your message, the hard work is accomplished.

  • Take your offer to the next level. When you think you have made your best offer, improve it. You want repeat business. That is the goal. Give a little to gain a lot.

  • State contact information in unmistakably clear terms. The simpler, the better.

  • Follow through and track results. Follow through with clients, track results and determined what worked and what did not. Direct mail is not a one-time quick fix. It is an investment in your future. Go the extra mile and reap an extra return on your investment.

Most direct mailing services can assist with the composition, design and printing decisions that can make your piece distinctive. If you want professional results, consult a direct mailing specialist.