Marketing List Tips for Best Results

Marketing List Tips for Best Results
Marketing List Tips for Best Results Your customer information list has value. Too many businesses treat their customer database in a haphazard manner. This list should be treated like any other company asset. It should be maintained regularly and treated with confidentiality until the time comes to convert the list to sales or to leads for your business or another business. Here are some helpful hints on how to better manage your marketing list:

Use all internal sources - Do not buy or rent an external list without first considering your businesses’ internal customer information list. Mailing to your present or past customers can reinforce the benefits of existing communications programs and can generate a high response rate. This process also keeps your business in touch with your customers and good things can happen.

Do not use outdated lists - Mailing lists are outdated almost as soon as the list is compiled. People change jobs, relocate, change interests or financial situations. Maintaining your company’s customer information list should be an ongoing process managed by a responsible person. Use returned mail as a starting point. Verify as much information as possible. Treat your customer list as if you were maintaining your book of business. Outdated and inaccurate information is the enemy. Check your list against updated sources. If necessary, use telephone research to verify current customer information.

Market Your List to Others – Before you offer customer information to any other organization, check applicable laws and regulations to see what your obligations are to your customers. Some areas require notice to customers if their contact information will be shared. On the forms your business uses to collect data, always include a right to release information clause asking customers for permission to use their contact data. Customers who do not execute this clause should be kept separately from your marketing list.

Decide to Buy or Rent – The decision to buy or rent an external list is predicated on the company’s intentions. Rented contact lists are for one-time usage. The fee to rent is based upon an agreed amount per one thousand contacts. Renters are prohibited from re-using the list without another fee. If your business will require repetitive contacts, procure a price to purchase a list and compare the rental price against the purchase price. There are advantages to both forms.

Compare Internal and External List Merits – Your internal list is only as effective as your sources and your maintenance regimen. If your marketing plan is in a new direction, external lists specifically directed at your new market are probably the best option. If your present customer list is strong, updated and able to provide leads, generate the mailing and encourage referrals.

Implement good customer information procedures at the start and insist upon compliance. Carefully constructing an accurate customer information base ensures your ability to generate a successful direct mailing campaign.

The accuracy of the list will create better results from each mailing. Accurate mailing information also saves money on wasted mailings. Make sure the use of your list is in compliance with all governmental ordinances then treat your customer list with respect and it will reap big dividends in many ways.