Questions For Your Customers

Questions For Your Customers
Questions For Your Customers There are many strategies I could share to start you off on the right foot. But the one I've chosen is simple and yet often neglected. It contains all the answers to making your marketing as powerful and effective as possible.

In my workshops I often make the point that the definition of marketing is "creating and delivering products and / or services to meet the needs of your customers". The point is that the focus of all marketing isn't your needs but the needs of your customers. Therefore if you want to know how to best market your business, ask your existing customers. They have all the answers! You can guess and speculate till you are blue in the face, or you can come back to the fundamentals of marketing and talk to your customers. Let's look at 6 questions to ask your clients:

6 Client Questions:

1. What Risks, Concerns Or Objections Did You Face When Deciding To Buy From Us?

This will help you understand the buying process, the needs your prospects have and the objections and risks you must overcome to convert more prospects.

2. What Made You Decide To Buy From Us And Not From Our Competitors?

The answer(s) will reveal what you should say to clients in order to get their business.

3. Why Do You Continue To Buy From Us?

You will get an insight into what makes your business special and therefore how to differentiate yourself. It will also show you what is important to customers which, when reproduced, will help you retain more of them.

4. What Do You Think We Do Really Well? Service? Products? Pricing? Distribution?

This will show you what to build on. Focus on your strengths.

5. How Do You Think We Can Improve What We Do?

The answer(s) to this question will show you how to better fill the needs of your customers. This will help increase customer retention, reduce attrition rates and increase customer referrals.

6. What Other Products And Services Would You Like Us To Offer?

This will reveal other needs that your customers want you to fill. The answer can seriously multiply your revenue. Be open-minded to the responses and remember you don't need to re-invent the wheel.

As we get busier we tend to lose sight of whose needs we are actually filling. Use these questions to get back in touch with the people paying your salary. They can be asked informally over the phone, email or lunch or during a survey, interview or focus group. Whichever way you choose, the answers can help transform your marketing.

Author: Daniel Rechnitzer, founder of ChildsPlay Marketing - Simple Ways To Succeed in Business. See