Questions to Ask Your Direct Marketing Consultant

Questions to Ask Your Direct Marketing Consultant
Questions to Ask Your Direct Marketing Consultant With staffing trimmed for efficiency, the prevalence of outsourcing into today’s economy is changing the way companies transact business. The advantages of outsourcing in the competitive environment generally include the delivery of a high quality product at a very fair and reasonable price.

This is definitely the case with the ever expanding direct marketing products. The industry has grown for several reasons. Prices are competitive, return on investment is high and the mechanisms of delivery are more attuned to today’s high tech consumer.

If you are considering direct market, congratulations! You can increase your brand in any number of 21st century manners using technologically filtered data bases to deliver a poignant, targeted call to action.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask your direct marketing consultant.

  • What type direct marketing campaign would you recommend for our business and why?

  • Do you utilise in-house personnel for design or do you subcontract the work?

  • Either way, do you have samples of complete direct marketing campaigns you have launched?

  • What rate of return would you project for a campaign such as ours?

  • Do you provide demographic filtering to your direct mail campaigns?

  • Will we have input in the final design and message?

  • What tracking mechanisms will be included in our campaign?

  • Do you rent and sell data demographically filtered direct marketing lists?

  • Do you handle distribution of the pieces and will we receive progress reports?

  • What is the per piece cost including design and distribution?

  • What is the cost a a purchased list without any other service? Rented list?

  • What is the success rate of stand-alone campaigns compared to a series of campaigns?

  • What should we know about what you do that we have not asked?

The responses to these questions will help establish reasonable expectations and may well serve as the foundation for a long relationship. In today’s world of multi-dimensional, technology-based marketing opportunities, the market place has expanded along wioth the reach. Outsourcing is the way to maximize your marketing dollar. Welcome to new-age marketing. It’s exciting. It works and you are at the helm.