Renting a Database

Renting a Database
Renting a Database As one-to-one communications become increasingly pivotal to the growth of a business, so too does Database Marketing.

But there are some hurdles to overcome before you can reap the benefits, such as

  • The high price of data

  • Knowing which list to buy

  • What message to communicate to your audience

  • Corporations and large mail order companies employ multi-million dollar campaigns to promote their brands and products, but unless you have a large budget this approach will not ensure success.

    Mailing Lists Online developed a program to help small business learn quickly and easily how to undertake affordable an successful campaigns.

    Mailing Lists Online offers five of databases you can rent to expand and add to your own prospect list They are;

  • Mailing

  • Telemarketing

  • Fax

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Many small businesses opt for email addresses, believing it's the most cost effective method to contact customers. But when it comes to renting an email list, most companies will not release their addresses to you.

    Rather they will charge you to send a message to the target audience, pushing the cost back up to traditional direct marketing rates.

    Email marketing is FANTASTIC where you have an existing relationship and the recipient is familiar with your brand, products and services.

    But with an increasing number of spam filters, clogged inboxes and time poor executives, email campaigns to prospects or potential customers can often generate a lower than expected response rate.

    Corporations who undertake email marketing for gaining new customers often send out 100,000 or more emails with a fully integrated web strategy supported by main stream advertising. This is a very different scenario to a small business campaign of a few thousand emails!

    In addition, tough new spam laws can see The Australian Consumer and Media Authority (ACMA) impose penalties such as warning letters, directing business to comply with the SPAM Act, infringement notices, court orders, financial penalties or orders to forfeit profits.

    Conversely, fax marketing is one of the current most recommended ways of reaching your B2B target audience. The faxes can be personalized, the data is inexpensive to rent and you have no printing, postage or other associated costs! (There are, however, some small businesses who do not like receiving faxes, so expect a percentage to contact you asking to be removed from the list)

    Direct Mail is the most traditional form of direct marketing where you are able to write to your target audience, introduce yourself and your company, then present a special offer.

    Telemarketing for small business can be great for 'cherry picking' the best prospects to call from a list. This is even MORE effective when it follows a fax or direct mail communication you have sent earlier in the week.

    Once you've decided whether you are contacting people via mail, phone, email or fax, you then need to decide what type of list to use and where to get it from.

    List brokers can be a great source of information to let you know all the types of lists that are available in the marketplace and what has worked well for their other clients.

    The first step in contacting a list broker, is to find out what lists they have available that reach your target audience.