Statistical Trends Make Sense for Direct Marketing

Statistical Trends Make Sense for Direct Marketing
Statistical Trends Make Sense for Direct Marketing Direct marketing works. Direct marketing yields results and direct marketing will increase your bottom line. Professional direct marketing consultants know how to make your campaign successful and bring new and existing customers to your place of business.

Do you seek targeted prospects? What are you waiting for? The most pointed means to reach a specific clientele, either new prospects or existing, is through a structured direct marketing campaign. Statistical analysis and research fully supports this claim.

This recent research indicates some interesting trends that are altering the direct marketing landscape, while the basics stay in place. Strategic direct marketing supplements every marketing plan and adds volume to your customer base and add bulk to that all important direct sales category.

If you want new and repeat business, direct marketing is your best bet. You may opt for a direct mail campaign, a direct telephone approach or a direct e-mail event or any combination of the above. To maximize your return, direct marketing should be a sustained, not one-time, effort.

This statistical data may assist you in deciding how to plan your direct marketing and how to motivate the buyer to capitalize on the benefit of your product or service offer.

  • Fact One – More than $65 billion was spent on direct marketing last year.

  • Fact two – 85 % of women aged 25-44 read direct mail offerings.

  • 57 % of women look for direct correspondence from companies with which they have expressed interest.

  • 72 % of adults have responded to direct marketing offers at some time.

  • 63 % of these respondents responded to direct mail that featured a percentage discount.

  • 35 % of men prefer a generic direct communication.

  • The greatest number of respondents were motivated by the “buy one, get one free” marketing concept.

Direct mail grew by approximately 8.5% last year. Internet marketing increased by about 7.8%. Direct mail and direct e-mail have expanded proportionately as direct calling has decreased.

Generally direct e-mail lists are the least expensive direct marketing strategy. While direct mail is a bit more expensive, it creates a feeling of permanence and seems to tie a better connection between the company and recipient.

Direct marketing consultants are experienced. These experts have the ability to fit the best campaign to your budget. If your business wants positive results, go for it. Consult with a direct marketing professional and watch your business grow.