The Copywriting Process

The Copywriting Process
The Copywriting Process Firstly, consider different aspects of your product or product range you could promote.

For an accounting practice, it may be tax returns, company start ups or BAS statements.

Take a different worksheet for each of the top three aspects you are considering.

You know how to sell your businesses products and services in 60 seconds or less, but how do you get customers to act RIGHT NOW?

By ensuring that the offer closely matches the customers present and immediate needs.

What sales objections may they have that you need to overcome?

What risks need to be alleviated?

There are many types of offers available and you would receive them everyday from companies in all sorts of marketing activities.

When deciding on what is the best offer for you to present in your marketing piece, many people immediately opt for 'Specials' and 'Price Reductions'.

I would recommend, if possible, to keep away from such offers, as they can devalue your branding and image, and often the additional amount of sales you'll need to generate to ensure the same profitability as your regular sales can be ridiculously high!

For example, a product is priced at $100, and your margin is 20% or $20. If you sell 50 items, your revenue is $5,000 and gross profit is $1,000. Should you offer customers a 5% discount, your gross profit is reduced to $15 and you would have to sell 66 items, just to maintain your important gross profit to pay your bills! If a 10% discount was offered, 100 or twice as many items would have to sold during the same period just to break even! Price discounting should only be offered if you are confident, and extraordinary number of sales will follow.

In addition, if you have mastered your elevator pitch and truly understand your customers, then money is not a considering factor when buying from you.

So let's look at some other offers…

  • FREE Information

  • FREE Gift - Premiums offered should be relevant to the target audience, such as a Yoga CD for 20 something females. The Fragrance Houses do this exceptionally well with their free gift with purchase make-up bags and other accessories.

  • FREE Trial -No risk deal for your customer

  • Prize Draw

  • Great for capturing customers details to use for future marketing purposes

  • Limited Time - Will help your customer to decide to purchase now, rather then later, otherwise they may miss out!

  • Cash Back,Buy Now, Pay Later (interest free) - This is fantastic for B2B environments where cash flow is crucial

  • Bundling - Creates an impression of value for money where products or services are grouped together for one price

  • Guarantees - Money Back Guarantees are common, and in some industries expected these days! It reduces perceived risk by customers to help them overcome any internal sales objections they may have. Very few customers ask for their money back!

  • From the offers above, write down some ideas for each of your three aspects you are considering promoting.

    Now you have your aspect and your offers… it's time to get creative!