The Enlightened Way To Do Business

The Enlightened Way To Do Business
The Enlightened Way To Do Business The business world today is starting to shift. It has become quite obvious that change is in the air once again. The way we do business has undergone massive shifts over time, from barter trade to currency, to industrialism / production focus, to sales focus, to marketing focus, to globalisation - soon sped through technology, to the emergence of the Transformation Age.


Transformation is what we, as a global consciousness, are beginning to seek, where previously we were seeking to market ourselves, our products or services - locally then globally. Previous to that we were selling ourselves - as a result of having magnificently learned to produce...

By global consciousness I mean that as a whole, people are awakening to this new era - some regions sooner and with more conviction and awareness than others.


As with other global shifts, which began with a select few who had the knowledge or capability to work in the new realm, the Transformation Age is also beginning quietly - how much noise can a "select few" make? All other shifts went from that - to more and more people being trained in the new skills, creating markets first for training, after which the focus tends to shift to "producing" with this new focus, before the name of the era itself becomes a commodity.

For example...

At the end of the Marketing Focus Era, there are now marketing consultants earning a living by helping others with their marketing. Previous to that the masses were focused on using marketing (in-house) to sell and produce more effectively, prior to which people were just being trained in the distinctions and uses of marketing, rather than just selling.


So it makes sense that this Transformation Age will follow the same pattern, where the select few will train the masses in their skill, and the masses will integrate these skills in the way they do business, until there are so many with the skills that some will begin to consult even to those already working with (perhaps lesser skilled) people in their business... Just as we have seen in each previous era.


With each Age comes great improvement, or progress as we call it. With the Transformation Age this could be quite different... and I don't mean this in a negative way!

Transformation involves seeing beyond the physical and beyond the ego. It allows us to see some of which we have created as unnecessary and even harmful to ourselves or our future. As my dear husband recently said:

"If people knew they were going to reincarnate, do you think they'd be more careful about what they do to this planet in this lifetime? If they knew it wouldn't just be their children's problem, or someone else's problem, but their problem - would that create the motivation to change the way we pollute our environment?"

That is just one example in the environmental arena, but the same can be applied to our mental and physical health - and many other areas.


Another major benefit of the Transformation Age is that the new way of doing business has shown itself to be immensely more productive than previous methods. And this productivity increase can be applied to all areas of business, making it exponential in reality. More about that soon...


It begins when we begin to distinguish for ourselves who we really are, what we are made up of, and how we fit in with this Universe. One at a time...

We are here in this lifetime, a soul having chosen this body and these parents to experience being physical. The soul, after this life's journey, will return to the Universe having (or not) grown in its capability to remember and utilise its origins whilst in a body, and prepares to do so again in another body - seeking each time to get closer to reaching enlightenment (a state of true knowing of oneself, one's purpose and a complete shedding of the ego).

The ego, another non-physical being, exists to keep the soul in the body, and to keep us safe with what we know. In a way it's the antithesis of the soul in terms of reaching enlightenment, as "what we know" is almost wholly based on social conditioning, which currently (in the year 2008) doesn't lend itself to increasing our vibrational frequency.

We "vibrate" at higher levels the healthier our bodies are, the less toxins we take in, be that physically or mentally (e.g. alcohol, drugs, pollution, pornography, violence...). The ego tends to keep us with lower vibrational "foods" for the mind and body, to keep us in our bodies and to experience "fun". What we perceive as fun is, of course once again, social conditioning (and currently most often the opposite of what the soul would term as fun).

The more we connect in to our soul's messages, the more we experience joy, peace, calm, bliss... Also, the more we connect in with our soul, the more we can also connect into what is often referred to as Universal Knowledge or Universal Intelligence. Therein lies the essential applicability in business.

Universal Intelligence is where these massive gains in productivity come from in the Transformation Age. When there needs to be little or no brainstorming, second-guessing, re-working, editing, revising... everything happens a lot more quickly, with greater ease, precision and ultimately - with greater success.

For some of you this makes perfect sense. It's how you're already doing business. For some of you, this is totally new - and there will be many of you somewhere in between. You don't have to take my word for it! Tune into Universal Knowledge and ask your own questions - I did. For those of you who are not yet capable of this, it's much easier than it sounds!

Author: Sonja Rechnitzer