The Genius of Intiuition and Creativity

The Genius of Intiuition and Creativity
The Genius of Intiuition and Creativity There's a massive gap forming between boom and bust businesses in Australia - in the same market, at the same time... Yet some businesses are growing faster than they ever have, while others are wondering when to draw that line in the sand that says: "I've given up - I can't support this business any longer, I surrender to market forces and forfeit the capital and time I've poured into this business".

What is the difference between these two clear types of business owners - and how can you be among those that are thriving?

The distinction is quite simple - Intelligence... but not the type of intelligence we've all been aspiring for during our studies, not IQ. And not that fluffy Intelligence either, not Emotional Intelligence. No, this Intelligence goes much deeper, is easier to acquire and yields much greater results - Universal Intelligence.

You will no doubt have heard of either: The Secret, The Law Of Attraction, or Quantum Physics. For the scientists reading this article, you'll have the best understanding of Ui (Universal Intelligence), the phenomenon of Zero Point Energy, the Unified Field...

For those of us without this prior knowledge, let me put it simply. Albert Einstein discovered that everything is made of energy: you, me, the chair you sit on... even your business. Einstein also found that all energy is linked, so everything is like a sea of energy - we're all part of it (energy is not bound by space). Later Quantum Physics studies showed that the result is that any Intelligence that ever was (or ever will be - energy is not bound by time either) is stored in this sea of energy as big as the Universe itself - hence the name Ui.

It therefore followed that if we are all inherently part of Ui, we must be able to access it too... mind boggling, I know. What if we really could access Universal Intelligence, rather than just being "the same today as you'll be in five years except for two things, the people you meet and the books you read." Charles E Jones, Life is Tremendous.

What if we no longer needed to bust our brain (the 5% of it that we're using) to come up with ways to increase sales, decrease costs, or improve productivity?

All I can say is this: it's already possible!

People are already doing it - right there in Australia. People are learning to access the other 95% of their brain that is made to perceive and understand Ui. They're the ones that are succeeding. Some know they're doing it - they learnt just like you can - and are tapping in on a daily basis for answers to the hard questions (and even the easy ones). Some have got so accomplished at it that they're continuously "online", surfing the Ui web. Some don't know where their ideas and creativity come from, or what drives them to implement them with precision... their subconscious is drawing on Ui without them even knowing!

So, what are people using Ui for? To stand in true power, to access what is there for everyone to use. To grow their business, to write their marketing materials, to remove any limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that support their success and wellbeing. But why stop there? Some are even using it in all areas of their life - to find answers to any questions they have or decisions they are making... the list is endless.

Every week there's a workshop on learning to access Ui, to heighten your perception to a level far beyond where you're currently at.

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