The Power of Specificity

The Power of Specificity
The Power of Specificity Would you like your marketing communications to be far more believable, convey more credibility, have far more impact and thus generate far greater results? If YES, then read this edition of your Free Shoestring Marketing Tips.

This article applies equally to your written marketing communications (headlines, brochures, USPs, website, advertisements etc) as much as it does to your verbal marketing communication (sales pitches, hold messages, voicemail, networking elevator speeches etc).

Marketing communications often fail to deliver the results you want because the points being made are far too general. General claims have minimal impact, and are easily dismissed.

For example, I was in Perth in late November conducting workshops, when I walked past a property investment company that displayed their slogan: "Let our experience help you!" Now, in my book this rates about a 1/10 in-terms of effectiveness. But, by simply applying the principle of specificity and quantifying the "experience" you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of this slogan. For example, if all we do is quantify this experience by amount in years, such as 25 years (for example) we get a new slogan with 10x the impact and appeal, eg: "Let our 25 years of experience help you!"

By being specific, this statement impacts on you in powerfully new ways: It has you compare your level of experience with theirs (creating a preference to work with them), it has you think to yourself that after 25 years they must know what they are doing (credibility boosting), and it has you compare them more favourably with other property investment companies (differentiating them from competitors). It has you sit up and listen!

So, if you would like to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing communications, think about what you can get more specific about. What is it about your experience, your products, your services, your turnaround times, your processes, your premises, your fee structure, your staff etc. that you can quantify or qualify in far more specific terms?

Written by Daniel Rechnitzer of ChildsPlay Marketing

Daniel is the creator of ChildsPlay Marketing, a brainstorming kit whereby- mixing and matching 3 decks of cards has you create over 125,000 unique marketing campaigns. Visit the website now!