Three Mainstays of Direct Marketing

Three Mainstays of Direct Marketing
Three Mainstays of Direct Marketing The main advantage of direct marketing campaigns is a cost-effective means to reach a specific, targeted market. Small and large businesses are utilising this proven instrument to build new customer bases, sustain existing customer relationships and extend incentive-based marketing initiatives to demographically amenable consumers.

Professional direct mailing can extend the overall marketing plan by securing the existing base and expanding into the company's reach new markets. All forms of direct marketing allow for personalized contact from the brand to the consumer.

The three most popular forms of direct marketing are:

  • Direct Mail

  • Direct telemarketing

  • Direct E-mail
Each program has its own strengths. With today's word processing capabilities, each piece of direct mail can be personalized and refined. While e-mail is certainly popular, there is something more personal about a well-scripted direct mail marketing campaign.

Direct mail works most effectively when the company has a good understanding of their customer base and their expectations. Direct mail is often the most effective form of business-to-business communication. Businesses tend to take the time to read written correspondences.

Telemarketing does generate responses. In business-to-consumer communication, telemarketers need strong incentives to get the homeowner's attention. With homeowners, timing has a lot to do with the program's success.

For business-to-business telemarketing, the results are strong. Businesses usually have personnel to listen to the presentation of new ideas. A strong telemarketing message with a valid offer will usually get attention.

Direct e-mail marketing is gaining in popularity. Everything from airline companies, auto rental agencies and office supply houses use e-mail marketing to stay in touch with existing clients and grab attention from new customers. E-mail readers tend to be scanners, so a direct e-mailing list is recommended. However, the strength of the initial offer is extremely important.

Most companies today are outsourcing their direct marketing campaigns although companies can either purchase or rent various lists. These lists are usually used in concert with the company's internal list. A coded message is usually included so that companies can track the results.

In terms of cost, direct e-mail is the most cost efficient although the company relinquishes a bit of control. It is difficult to dispute the power and appeal of the Internet, but all forms of direct marketing do work. They simply serve different purposes. Choose the type direct marketing campaign that best reflects your overall marketing strategy.