Top 5 Elements For Your Mailing List Campaign

Top 5 Elements For Your Mailing List Campaign
Top 5 Elements For Your Mailing List Campaign A mailing list campaign could be the most effective campaign your company runs this year. Then again, it could be a total flop. It all comes down to how well you plan and execute. The team at have seen it all and we know the essential components to get right to make a killer campaign.

1. Targetting

A campaign can't start without your leads list. Get this from a reputable company, like Mailing Lists Online (shameless plug!). Target the exact group of companies you need in the right geographic area.

2. Design

People are too time poor to read paragraphs of text, or even sentences of text. If you have something to say you must get it across in just seconds. Make sure your communication contains just one element. What is the one thing you want your audience to do? What is the one thing that would motivate them most to do that? Then make that, and only that, your primary message.

3. Offer

There's no point investing hard earned cash on a half baked campaign. If you're using to reach a new audience, you want to give them a really compelling reason to consider your business in place of whoever they are currently using. A standard offer, like 10%, will probably deliver poor results. Give your audience an offer that's too good to say no. It's your best chance to pick up new business.

4. Tracking

The only way to know your campaign was a success is to know how many people responded to it. We mentioned before how you should set just one primary objective for your campaign. The next most important thing is to have a plan in place to monitor redemption. This may be phone calls (set up a unique number for enquires), online orders (use a campaign specific discount code), meetings booked (easy to track), or items sold.

5. Review and refine

Great news – your campaign worked! Make sure to spend the time doing a campaign summary. Work out what went well so you can replicate on your next campaign, Equally important is what didn't work. Work out a way to improve this, or else drop this from your next campaign. You may need to give a bigger discount, have a different creative, or provide a follow up offer to qualified leads.