What is a Direct Marketing List

What is a Direct Marketing List
What is a Direct Marketing List Regardless if you operate in a B2B environment, or in B2C, a direct marketing list is one of the most effective ways to reach your target consumer. The best lists are built by the marketing strategist in your company. Interactive direct marketing lists allows the strategist to define who should be on the list. Common variables include industry type, location, (country right down to suburb) and company size. Once the target has been defined, the strategist can choose to receive phone or fax numbers, email addresses or mailing addresses.

There’s so much flexibility in a direct marketing list, which means with a well-designed campaign you can know exactly how effective your marketing campaign has been. You may even be able to determine your exact return on investment, something very uncommon for a marketing specialist to have access to!

The campaign is all important to extracting maximum value out of your marketing list. Do you want to entice trial from new customers? The provide an undeniable offer. Do you want to create mass awareness of your new product? Whatever your angle, your marketing list can be customised to suit your needs.

Choosing the method of communication is a critical step in your direct marketing campaign. Want people to see your product? Mail or fax is the way to go. Need results in just a few days? Email campaigns deliver instant results. Do you have a more complex proposal and need to engage your customers? A phone campaign is about as intimate as it gets and has the added benefit of getting immediate feedback from your target consumer.

Whatever the boundaries of your campaign, Mailing Lists.com.au provides all the information needed to develop any of these campaigns and more. Get high quality leads you can turn into customers. Use our online database builder to define exactly who you want to target so there’s no wastage. Make your direct marketing campaign accountable like no other marketing strategy available.