Why Build a Fax Marketing List

Why Build a Fax Marketing List
Why Build a Fax Marketing List The fax machine was once an essential communication tool for the office, but so much of its use has now been repurposed by newer technologies, however the fax machine can be the most powerful way to communicate your message. The fax machine has unique features not offered by any other communication method. Where emails can go straight into spam, and mail left unopened and tossed straight into the bin, the fax has the edge over ensuring your message is seen.

Where fax exceeds mail, email or phone

If you have a simple visual message, there is no other communication medium like fax. The fax will be picked up and handled by a real person. And if your message is well designed, it will be read and understood by someone in just a few seconds. It's not intrusive, expensive to implement or screened like a phone call. It's not diverted to junk and never seen the light of day like email. If you have the right message, it could be perfect for a fax marketing campaign, but next you need the right kind of fax marketing list.

Do you have the best possible fax marketing list?

One of the most important parts in any fax marketing campaign is to make sure you have the best possible fax marketing list. Buy from a reputable data broker like Mailing Lists.com.au. Our fax lists are fresh and will you get the best rate of connections.

Make sure you have the best possible offer

Well, this one we can't help you with, but if you've got a message to send out, we can help. We recommend making sure your first offer is one of the best possible offers you could create. Fax lists help you build new business, so if this is the first time you're connecting to a new business lead, you want to make sure they have a strong reason to ditch their current supplier or consider using your business. Once you have wowed the client and bought them into the fold you can then go on to offer other offers and secure their ongoing business.

Guaranteed accountability

It was once said that 50% of advertising spend is a total waste, the problem is, no one knew which 50%. Design your offer properly and you'll know exactly how effective your fax marketing campaign is. Create a special offer that's almost too good to be true and send it to only the people on your fax marketing list. The message should be clear and understood in a few seconds. Once you track queries and redemptions from your fax campaign you'll know exactly how profitable your campaign was.