Why Creativity And Innovation Are Essential In Any Business

Why Creativity And Innovation Are Essential In Any Business
Why Creativity And Innovation Are Essential In Any Business For those of us with children - or even nieces and nephews - we often get the opportunity to marvel at how freely imagination roams in these little beings. They are truly the center of creativity in any household - unrestrained by what's "realistic". It allows them to explore the world with fresh eyes, open to anything, still unbound.

I - having long dubbed myself to be "creatively challenged" - have long sought to replicate that child-like freshness in the business / marketing field. As adults, we are conditioned only to take on-board certain information… whatever fits in with our experience base so far. And that's not a criticism, it just is. We need to recognise and accept it, so we may find other ways to what I like to call "creative freedom". It's those messages that show up the truth in our lives and the wonderment of it, that can penetrate our barrier of what's "normal", what "fits".

The interesting truth is: what's normal will keep giving you normal results. What "feels right" is - to all except the highly intuitive - simply that which we've been experiencing all our lives… it fits in with who we have been.

So… what if we want to evolve who we've been, or grow what our business has been, or even totally overhaul our business to give it new life? What if we're sick of the merry-go-round that is our business - with all the usual headaches - and are ready to make a change for the better (and more profits)?

It stands to reason that if we (and our team in some cases) have got us to where we are and we're not happy in this position, then we are unlikely to have the resources to get ourselves to the next level.

So what's necessary?

At this point in time most business owners or team leaders turn to a consultant or coach for help. And that is a good idea! After all, you don't know what you don't know - and a third party will certainly see you and your business from a different angle, providing a new perspective. Trouble is: will you listen to them? Will you stare change in the face and celebrate, or will you say: "It doesn't feel right" and continue on your merry way?

A friend of mine thrives on change, and on the perspective of others. He says: "I love feedback, it gives me another pair of eyes with which to see myself and my life". He takes on feedback like a child - putting his filters firmly to the side while he experiences what the third party has to say. In THAT space innovation is possible. He can totally reinvent how he sees an issue, a product, an idea - and then later choose to keep in place his original view, or the new one… whichever serves his life and wellbeing better!

It's that attitude, that being-open-to-newness (like a child), that is necessary to facilitate massive growth in business.

Let me explain…

While you're in the world of competing in your industry, doing things better than your competitors, serving your customers and managing your organisation - you're not growing… well, there's a ceiling to how far and how quickly you can grow.

It's when you see what people are doing in other industries, in other countries, in other sized organisations, in places worlds apart from where you are competing - THAT is when something brilliant will come to you. Something you can pioneer in your marketplace and LEAD with. You simply cannot become a market leader while following your competitors around! It takes being open, creative and innovative to set yourself apart and grow in leaps and bounds.

And why wouldn't you?

What have you got to lose? The feeling that you'll never be all you used to dream about? I tell you, just like what you fear never turns out as badly as your original fear, success won't be as bad as you expected either - I promise!

Being innovative is far easier than "changing because you have to or you'll lose everything".

So, how can you be innovative and creative in business?

Act like a child!

I mean it - be SO curious! "How does that work?" "Why is it that way?" "Who decided we should do it like this?" "What would happen if we changed that?" Ask MANY questions, ALL DAY LONG! Be curious about your own business (even if you're the one that does everything: "Why did I do it like that?"), and be curious about other businesses: "How do you handle busy times?" "How do you attract new customers?" "What do you do to look after your loyal clients?" "How do you keep track of things?" "What offer do you find most appeals to your clients?"…

Ask for help!

Certainly speak with consultants and coaches to see if you can find someone that meets your needs, someone innovative and curious themselves. Someone you can take a "talking to" from, because a good advisor will pull you into line and push you out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.

Get storming!

Whether you're mind-storming (by yourself) or brain-storming (with others), keep curiously exploring new ways. ChildsPlay Marketing have developed a brain-storming tool that boasts 125,000 new ideas, helping you build new ways to market yourself, your products or services… but YOU have to be prepared to try on everything new to see what you can create - rather than discarding each idea as "that wouldn't work in my industry".

Remember - be FIRST, be INNOVATIVE and SUCCEED!

This article was written by Sonja Rechnitzer - CEO of ChildsPlay Marketing.